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    SlimKickerAdmin 3002 days ago

    @Veni vidi vici SlimKicker is now back up, after being down for the past day. Our web host (Amazon) was having problems, but it's all fixed now. Because of the downtime, for the next 2 days, we're giving away +20 bonus points for every food you log. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    Wanderer 3080 days ago

    @Veni vidi vici Great nickname! :)


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      Veni vidi vici3080 days ago

      Thank you! Your picture is very beautiful :). What are your goals with SlimKicker?

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      Wanderer3080 days ago

      Mainly, to be healthier: to get fit, eat better... and to be more patient, boost my resistnce and willpower. I'd also like to lose some weigth, but this really doesnt't matter to much to me. What about yours?

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      Veni vidi vici3080 days ago

      Sensible goals you have! For my part, it is to develop as a person and get better strength and conditioning.