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    arleylange 2066 days ago

    @shari I think your hairstyle is cute!

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    shari 2217 days ago

    I planted all my onions, garlic, shallots, strawberries and potatoes today! Hauled a lot of dirt---man, that was a lot of work!!!


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      Aherrns2217 days ago

      Go organics, go!

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      Lmola2217 days ago

      awesome! I'm jealous. Haven't done any gardening yet myself.

    • img

      shari2217 days ago

      Last year wasn't so pretty, but I learned a lot of what not to do... this year should be better!

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      m_ell2231 days ago

      Yum! Ya know, you can easily make asparagus delicious raw by slicing it thinly with a vegetable peeler...

    • img

      shari2231 days ago

      That is very true, m_ell! Thanks for mentioning it! If you slice it thin with a veg. peeler---there is no need to blanch, and the asparagus will only need minimal cooking (keeping more of the nutrients intact!)

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    shari 2234 days ago

    I listened to my body and relaxed for a night! Man, was I exhausted! My Friday night involved lifetime movies and not much else. Lame? yes. But that's okay!


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      tanuki2234 days ago

      It's not lame if you enjoyed it!

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      cldunmire2234 days ago

      It's not lame to rest and relax when you need to. :)

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    SlimKickerAdmin 2237 days ago

    @shari Don't worry about the previews showing up in the feed.... it's a small nuisance, we'll make a publish button soon

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