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    Auslen 2894 days ago

    @theresacorlew Why do you have two of the same challenge?


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    Auslen 2895 days ago

    @theresacorlew You know you can do up to 5 challenges at a time (six if one of them is the giveaway challenge)

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    Moxie12 2896 days ago

    @theresacorlew Hi Theresa! You mentioned that you keep your carbs under 25a day to lose weight. Can you please give me an idea of what you would eat in a day?? How do you get fibre, if I may be so bold to ask.


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      theresacorlew2896 days ago

      On the Atkins website, there is a great recipe for MIM (muffins in a minute) that is packed with fiber. I also allow myself 3 cups of popcorn a day if I feel the need for a 'snack'

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      Moxie122896 days ago

      Thanks, Theresa!