• 10 lbs

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    What to do: lose 10 lbs in 30 days

    Number of Points: +3000

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  • Laodicia 3075 days ago
    well I'm going to try this, but we'll see. 2.5 lbs in 1 week is hard. but I have lost 10 lbs in a week before. so... here's trying!
  • Lauren :) 3094 days ago
    Today has gone okay and I have stayed under my calorie goal so far
  • Keep-it-written 3113 days ago
    I don't think ive lost anything but a pound or two
  • Rachelcic 3163 days ago
    Back to 155.4. No weight loss yet. Keep trying
  • Janette_booth 3204 days ago
    So farI lost 1 pound... I started yesterday
  • Khull21 3209 days ago
    I think I got this!! I really hope so!!!
  • Mom of 8 3212 days ago
    I just downloaded this app today. I am going to loose 70 pounds and it begins with these 10 pounds!
  • Emilyperez 3220 days ago
    Ugh I want it ^so bad
  • Emilyperez 3222 days ago
    I had a bet with my dad.. If I lost ten pounds he will let me get my belly button pierced!
  • Emilyperez 3224 days ago
    Ugh why can't it be easy
  • RBH'sMomma 3267 days ago
    I am starting today at 172.
  • Heydieann 3296 days ago
    This is gonna be a challenge but I can do it
  • Kittikat 3296 days ago
    Just started off to a good start
  • atalayaleda 3302 days ago
    just starting today.....
  • countrylove87 3392 days ago
    174.5 today... 2 pounds down 8 more to go to reach 10
  • countrylove87 3393 days ago
    weight it 176.5 today this is my starting weight... AND GO
  • Jacque 3417 days ago
    Today is Day 1 - My Current Weight is 240.0 pounds on the button - well this includes my clothing LOL. But I'm way too heavy for my 5'3 1/2" height. So, its time to do something about it!

    Day: 1
    Starting Weight: 240.0 Lbs
    Current Weight: 240.0 Lbs
    Weight Change: 0.0 Lbs
  • donettap 3492 days ago
    Didn't weigh myself today. Think i'm doing ok.
  • donettap 3493 days ago
    I Must go bread free to loose weight.
  • Laura S 3495 days ago
    I think I'll actually Do it.

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