• 10 Normal Squats a Day

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    What to do: Everyday this week, do 10 squats. Spread them out or do them all at once.

    One of the best exercises that you could be adding to your workout routine is the squat. Squats are an ideal movement for targeting the quads, hamstrings, lower back, glutes, as well as even the core to some extent and since they will work so many muscles at once, are a powerful movement in terms of calorie burning as well.

    Most people avoid performing squats simply because they view them as a little too challenging, which is a big mistake. Yes, they will take a full effort out of you, but the effort will be well rewards. This challenge is just that – 10 normal squats each and every day.

    Let's take a look at what this challenge entails.

    1. How To Squat

    First let's take a look at how you want to be squatting in the first place. To perform a squat, you're going to place the feet about shoulder width apart, keeping a slight bend in the knees with the body in an upright position.

    You can either hold a barbell across the back, hold a set of dumbbells at shoulder height, or simply use your bodyweight if that is challenging enough.

    From there, begin to lower yourself down, bending at the knees until they are at a 90 degree angle and you're parallel to the ground. Pause in this position and then press directly up until you're back into a full standing position.

    Continue to repeat this process until all 10 reps are completed. Make sure that at no time do you allow the knees to move inwards or outwards as this is going to place a high amount of strain on the knee joint and will lead to serious pain over time.

    2. Advancing Your Squat

    Once you have the basic movement of the squat down, how do you advance it? To advance the squat, you'll want to either add more weight or change the way you perform it somehow. One way to alter it is to use a wider stance and turn the feet out slightly. This converts it to a 'sumo' squat, which will target the inner thighs to a larger extent.

    Another way to challenge yourself more is to place the barbell across your front rather than the back, which will cause there to be more stress on the quad muscles. Make sure while doing this that you start with a lower amount of weight until you get a good feeling for the movement pattern.

    So there you have the details you need to know about performing the squat. Keep these in mind and you can be certain that you will be improving your lower body strength as you execute this challenge.

Daily Check-In

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  • Jenlee 2724 days ago
    Did before my shower
  • Jenlee 2725 days ago
    Did them after my morning jog
  • traubie 2746 days ago
    10 squats with 40lbs!
  • Misti_Lee_A 2803 days ago
    Squats squats squats
  • zeldasmom58 2869 days ago
    20 today! Really hurts knees though....
  • zeldasmom58 2870 days ago
    Only did 10 today. Knees killing me!
  • KadyBugz 2940 days ago
    Adding 10 on after each day. Will get up to 70!
  • Bradley 3006 days ago
    60 as part of 30 day squat challenge
  • Jolie14 3136 days ago
    I did 15 ( Go meeeee ) :)
  • Jolie14 3137 days ago
    Wow it was had but I did it I hope next time I do more the 10.
  • SmileyP 3148 days ago
    I did 20squats to day
  • Angienevaeh 3162 days ago
    Ten normal squats done
  • Angienevaeh 3162 days ago
    Ten done... easy baby
  • Makeyla26 3179 days ago
    Done ..and feeling the burn..
  • Makeyla26 3181 days ago
    Done ..can't wait for tomorrow :)
  • Makeyla26 3182 days ago
    Super excited..challenge complete and more than 10 ..love the squats for the derrière..loll
  • Ari2009 3183 days ago
    I did my 10 squats :)
  • Gshalan 3184 days ago
    Did them after my run.
  • Ari2009 3185 days ago
    I did my 10 squats for today :)
  • Ari2009 3186 days ago
    I did my 10 squats for today :)

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