• 10 Wall Pushups a day

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    What to do: For the next 7 days, do 10 wall pushups a day. Spread them out or do them all at once

    If there's one exercise that's a must to have in your workout routine, push-ups are it. Push-ups are going to help to strengthen many of the major muscle groups in the upper body including the triceps, biceps, as well as the shoulders. More importantly, it's also going to hit the chest, which is one of the largest muscle groups of the upper body.

    By targeting so many different muscles all at once, this movement serves to be an excellent calorie burner and strength builder, so one that you definitely can't go wrong with. This challenge is all about getting yourself to do them regularly.

    Let's have a look at what it entails.

    1. Assess Your Strength

    The first thing that you want to do is assess your strength level. While all wall push-ups are designed to be used for beginners, some people will be able to perform them better than others. The intensity level of the push-up is determined by how close you move yourself to the wall, so for those who are on the weaker side of things, only go part-way down.

    Those who are stronger can go all the way down to the wall and then back again. Note that the further away from the wall you stand as well, the harder it is to do this push-up.

    2. Make A 10-a-day Commitment

    Once you have the general movement pattern down, then you want to commit to doing ten of these a day. Just ten-a-day can help to build up your strength levels considerably and ensure that you carry on to reach your fitness goals.

    Do them morning, afternoon, or evening – it doesn't matter as long as you get them in.

Daily Check-In

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  • Halfkit 2802 days ago
    My arms hurt now ;(. How pitiful
  • Halfkit 2803 days ago
    Forgot to check in yesterday but i dis it today and yesterday
  • Halfkit 2805 days ago
    Feeling my muscles start to burn. I like it
  • JessicaM. 2820 days ago
    I like these way more than floor push-ups
  • zeldasmom58 2872 days ago
    Just finished 20 wall push ups! Yay me!
  • zeldasmom58 2872 days ago
    I've already done 20 push ups today!
  • LadyDiann 2916 days ago
    30 to make up for the last 2days
  • LadyDiann 2919 days ago
    20 cuz I forgot yesterday!
  • LadyDiann 2927 days ago
    20, because I had to make up for yesterday!
  • Pattirou 2994 days ago
    Seems like 20 is my numbers. Will keep working on this one to increase that number.
  • Pattirou 2997 days ago
    Looks like 20 will be my number. So far can't get past it.
  • Pattirou 2998 days ago
    Made it a little tougher today but still got in 20.
  • MKeller 2998 days ago
    did 10 & then moved back from wall for 5 more.
  • Bayleysmommy 3097 days ago
    Still going with this
  • Riko 3098 days ago
    I have T-Rex arms. I have nowhere to go but "stronger".
  • Bayleysmommy 3099 days ago
    Getting easier each day
  • Bayleysmommy 3101 days ago
    This isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
  • Angienevaeh 3165 days ago
    Ten wall push ups done
  • Tawnya75 3198 days ago
    I feel better about myself after I do this activity...
  • Tawnya75 3201 days ago
    I remembered to this today!!!

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