• 3 Different Veggies A Day

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    What to do: For a week, strive to eat 3 different types of veggies each day"

    If you're like most people, one of the greatest difficulties is getting in all your vegetables each day. While some days you may do fine, others, you simply do not feel like eating your veggies.

    This week's challenge will be to consume 3 different vegetables everyday.

    Let's give you some quick tips to get started.

    Choose An Assortment

    The very first thing to keep in mind is to choose an assortment of vegetables.

    Rather than leaning towards the same 3-4 different options, start adding one new vegetable to your arsenal to try.

    Some examples of vegetables that you should consider as well include:

    - mushrooms

    - onions

    - bok choy

    - spinach

    - squash

    - brussels sprouts

    - alfalfa sprouts

    - turnips

    All of these vegetables are going to offer a slightly different mix of nutrients.

    Don't forget to consider frozen vegetables as well. In some cases, it may be difficult to get to the grocery store as often as possible to purchase them fresh. Frozen vegetables are great to have on hand and are even faster to cook. Frozen veggies works great for soups, stew's, stir-fry's, or even frozen dinners.

    Experiment With Different Cooking Techniques

    The second thing to do is to experiment with different cooking techniques. While it may be tempting to prepare your vegetables the same way daily, this gets boring. Rather than baking them with butter or cheese or worse yet, frying them, use lower calorie options. Some great cooking techniques to utilize include:

    - steaming

    - stir-frying

    - poaching

    - baking with chicken broth

    - roasting

    - grilling

    - serving raw

    Flavor Them Wisely

    Finally, the last thing to take note of is how you flavor your vegetables.

    Some great ways to enhance their taste include:

    - drizzling with lemon juice

    - adding low-sodium herbs and spices

    - adding a bit of low-sodium chicken broth during the cooking process

    - serving with salsa

    - creating a cream sauce from Greek yogurt, milk, and low fat Parmesan cheese

    - grilling with a little Italian salad dressing brushed on top

    So start thinking more carefully about just how many vegetables you really are eating. Aim to eat one type of vegetable at each main meal during the day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you'll be taking one giant step forward to success.

Daily Check-In

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  • Renise 2458 days ago
    Salad sweet peppers & green beans today
  • traubie 2755 days ago
    Onions, Beets, Rutabagas, and Snow Peas!
  • MissAngM 2778 days ago
    Cucumber, baby spinach and carrot =)
  • MissAngM 2779 days ago
    Cucumber, carrot and baby tomatoes (even though is know they are technically not a veggie, I'm counting it!).
  • MissAngM 2780 days ago
    Cucumber, carrot, mushrooms and spinach!
  • MissAngM 2782 days ago
    Cherry tomatoes, corn, carrot, zucchini, onion, baby spinach... not bad!
  • MusicMutt 2807 days ago
    Lettuce, cucumber, cauliflower
  • MusicMutt 2808 days ago
    Asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes
  • Julianna 2996 days ago
    baby lettuce blend, tomato, onion, cucumber, celery
  • maugercurt 3084 days ago
  • maugercurt 3085 days ago
  • maugercurt 3088 days ago
  • Maddiestopthemadness 3089 days ago
    Peas, carrots, and celery!
  • maugercurt 3089 days ago
  • Rochelle 3112 days ago
    I love vegetables. not too hard
  • sarahbear 3127 days ago
    my dinner is going to be salad so thats about 5different veggies!
  • sarahbear 3127 days ago
    i have had so many fruits and veggies today that i absolutly know that i have had more than three different ones!
  • GiggleLauren 3147 days ago
    Had carrots broccoli and green beans today yum!
  • Brooklyn 3207 days ago
    Carrots, lettuce, peppers :)
  • Brooklyn 3209 days ago
    Ate carrots, lettuce and peas :)

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