• 30 Day Cravings Challenge

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    What to do: For the next 30 days, take a 15 min walk whenever you get cravings to snack.

Daily Check-In

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  • MusicMutt 2714 days ago
    Getting easier every day
  • MusicMutt 2715 days ago
    Did not have ice cream
  • MusicMutt 2717 days ago
    Only ate between meals when my blood sugar bottomed out and I got the shakes
  • Jessel 3024 days ago
    Messed up yesterday...
  • rndhth 3065 days ago
    Hit it out of the park yesterday.
  • rndhth 3068 days ago
    Still on target to complete thus challenge.
  • rndhth 3087 days ago
    I slipped last night. I am restarting this challenge.
  • rndhth 3088 days ago
    I'm still doing fine.
  • rndhth 3092 days ago
    This is the beginning.
  • Tommie 3163 days ago
    Handled cravings pretty good today
  • Tommie 3166 days ago
    Made the day without cravings
  • Moxie12 3483 days ago
    I may find myself doing a lot of walking....
  • GrizzledAtoms 3493 days ago
    Did a lot of walking yesterday! :-D
  • GrizzledAtoms 3497 days ago
    Been doing a lot of walking because of this challenge! :-D
  • jdp 3507 days ago
    This should be interesting...
  • xprawn 3521 days ago
    I'll be modifying too; walking bores me silly so instead of going for walks, every time I am tempted I will do 50 press-ups. That'll teach me!
  • kaiazoo 3521 days ago
    Modifying this challenge: I will be neurotically productive and obsessively organized with my time in the next 30 days. Every time I get the compulsion to daydream, or waste time in any number of ways, I will stop myself short, and do a set of bicycle crunches/pushups/jumping jacks/handstand, or take a short 15 minute run to clear my mind. I want to better control my wandering mind, and better organize how I spend my time.

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