• Avoid all Grains

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    What to do: For the next 30 days, avoid all grains: bread, pasta, cereals, etc.

    As you get started with the Paleo diet approach, one thing that you must make sure you're doing is cutting all grains out of the mix. While some diets may consider whole grains to be a healthy addition to the diet plan, the Paleo diet is not one of those.

    This diet calls for you to remove these carbs from your diet at all times and promises that by doing so, you'll maintain a healthier body.

    So why are these grains to be avoided and what should you eat instead?

    Let's look at the reasons.

    Insulin Control

    The first reason why you should be omitting all grains from your diet plan is because this will give you superior insulin control. Since insulin is primarily released when you have a larger dose of glucose present in your body, by reducing the glucose in the blood stream, you reduce the need for insulin.

    This also prevents blood sugar highs and lows throughout the day, which will also be detrimental to hunger control.

    Calorie Control

    The second reason for omitting these grains from your diet is to control your calories. These grains are going to be higher in calories than many foods and are the foods that most people tend to overeat in. It's not unusual to see someone put away 400-500 calories with a plate of pasta, rice, or cereal, so this can really be detrimental to your fat loss efforts.

    Removing this entire type of food is going to provide less food options to choose from and that in itself will help to reduce your daily intake.

    Hunger Control

    As mentioned earlier, cutting grains out of your diet will also assist with hunger control. Grains, or other carb-dense foods will tend to spike hunger, while proteins and healthy fats tend to calm your hunger and keep it supressed.

    Those who adopt lower carb diets often find that they struggle far less with hunger while using the approach and this is the primary reason why.

    If you often find that hunger is what gets the best of you on your diet plan and what causes you to fall off track, this is something that you cannot afford to overlook.

    Smarter Bets

    So now that you can see why you should consider removing the grains from your diet, what should you be eating instead?

    What will be the better bets to turn to?

    Rather than going with whole grains, try adding some fresh fruits and vegetables to your meal plans. These will be lower in calories, produce less of an insulin response, and help you stay energized yet satisfied throughout the day.

    What's more is that they'll provide you with far more nutrients than whole grains would, so you'll be doing better from a health standpoint as well.

    So there you have the main points to keep in mind regarding why you should cut grains from your program and go with other foods instead. A grain-free diet may feel difficult at first, by try it out for a week or two and you might just find you'll never consider going back.

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  • QB 2646 days ago
    Did not avoid all grains, but I limited grains to close to 100 grams.
  • LJS13 3013 days ago
    I didn't eat any grains
  • Tommie 3078 days ago
    Starting again. Maybe this time.
  • Tommie 3115 days ago
    Starting over...again. It is painfully embarrassing that I cannot even make it one day without eating some form of bread. Lord please help me.
  • Tommie 3116 days ago
    Having to start over again. Having a hard time staying away from bread.
  • Tommie 3119 days ago
    Had to start over. Bread is my enemy.
  • Tommie 3120 days ago
    Day one...so far so good
  • TuDisQuoi 3457 days ago
    Have been doing this for 3 weeks- darn!
  • kaiazoo 3472 days ago
    Paleo diet, combined with intermittent fasting. I am also vegan and gluten-intolerant. So that eliminates most eating, most of the time. Ready for 30 days of changes.

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