• Avoid Gluten Foods

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    What to do: For the next 14 days, don't eat any foods that contain gluten.

    One of the latest health trends that many people are jumping on the bandwagon of is the gluten-free diet approach. Whether you have a severe gluten intolerance or not, choosing to forgo foods that contain gluten can be a very wise move as long as you fully understand what you're doing.

    Most people will experience some bloating regardless from foods containing gluten and many will find that they cause them to feel hungrier while on their diet plan.

    So how do you tell if a food has gluten and what are some smarter alternatives to be choosing?

    Let's take a quick look at what you need to know about how to avoid gluten foods.

    How To Tell If A Food Contains Gluten

    The best and fastest way to see if a food you're considering contains gluten is to simply look at the ingredient label. Gluten containing foods will contain ingredients that have gluten in them, so as long as you can make sure those ingredients aren't listed anywhere on the panel, you should be okay to consume that food.

    Keep in mind that many seemingly non-gluten containing foods such as salad dressings or deli meats may actually contain gluten due to very small amounts of additives it's been prepared with.

    So what key ingredients should you avoid?

    The big gluten-containing ingredients that should be on your hit list are:

    - wheat

    - rye

    - barley

    Keep in mind though that sometimes derivatives of these will also cause problems. This includes foods such as barley malt, bran, bulgur, oats, grouts, malt products, and so on.

    Smarter Alternatives

    So what are the safer foods that you should be eating?

    For those that don't wish to get rid of all grains, smarter alternatives to help you meet include brown and white rice pasta, brown rice wraps, corn pasta, corn tortillas, nut butters, quinoa, rice noodles, as well as soba noodles.

    Keep in mind that your gluten-free diet should also be filled with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are naturally low in gluten and should not cause any problems for you.

    If you combine these carbohydrate sources with healthy, natural fats coming from the environment and your pure lean protein sources, you'll have no problem sticking to a gluten free diet and feeling your best at all times.

Daily Check-In

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  • Southernbelle2011 3151 days ago
    One thing that has gluten that they forgot to mention is oats. Unless they are certified as gluten free, just assume they have gluten. Some don't, but not all of them are a safe bet.
  • aburke626 3155 days ago
    Been avoiding gluten to see if it helps with endometriosis pain. This challenge will helicopter with motivation!
  • ednasilrak 3211 days ago
    This one is tough today. Stuck at work with a rain/snowstorm outside and vending machine inside.
  • Jane6pack 3332 days ago
    In the face if pizza and fruit tart!!
  • RunSingJenn 3377 days ago
    Gluten-free pancakes, om nom!
  • FitChic2 3398 days ago
    Ate something with gluten the other day (a couple pretzels) : (
  • FitChic2 3406 days ago
    I am already 98% gluten-free!
  • JonKristinn 3439 days ago
    I am already following the primal lifestyle, so this should be easy...but we'll see.
  • kassanovella 3463 days ago
    on a ketogenic diet, so... yeah!
  • Domestic Goddess 3470 days ago
    No gluten for a month :-)
  • saleemhuepenny 3472 days ago
    80% done with challenge and still no gluten, but had to sample catering for our upcoming wedding. no gluten-free options yet :^(
  • Running.Dog 3477 days ago
    I ate some mini doughnuts this morning. Oops.
  • saleemhuepenny 3483 days ago
    4 days in, Had to start over, didn't realize the wheat free sprouted grain bread I've been eating has gluten in the rye :^(
  • saleemhuepenny 3490 days ago
    excited about starting this challenge!
  • Agrien 3495 days ago
    Have to scrub the kitchen after the family cooked last night. :( But they're getting so much better. lol Which is good, because my grandson is having less problems now.
  • Quanah 3497 days ago
    I feel a little guilty for taking this challenge, too, since my wife and son have Celiac, and our whole house is gluten free. The challenge for me is how I eat when I'm away from home, which I think is much easier than the challenge of avoiding cross-contamination constantly.
  • Agrien 3498 days ago
    Yeah, I know I'm cheating. I've been celiac for over 10 years. But the main goal for me is avoiding cross-contamination in a home where everybody else eats wheat still. lol Today, part of that is adding to my allergen-free storage. This helps to keep any accidental contamination from getting into my stock.
    And little brother bought me a fridge for the office. :)
  • Quanah 3501 days ago
    gluten free pasta for dinner
  • freespirit 3504 days ago
    yes, today...no gluten!
  • barefootbaker 3504 days ago
    gluten free oats for breakfast

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