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    What to do: track all calories for five days with slimkicker app

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  • YehudaMAlexander 2830 days ago
    Checking in and tracked for the last 3 days
  • Denlorbun 3125 days ago
    Recording calories daily!
  • Denlorbun 3126 days ago
    Calorie counting is really revealing!
  • Denlorbun 3127 days ago
    Tracked calories all day!
  • Denlorbun 3128 days ago
    The calorie counter really shows me where all of the hidden calories carbs and sugars are
  • Denlorbun 3129 days ago
    Tracked calorie 4/1&4/2
  • lynnbaum 3460 days ago
    I am doing good at tracking and need to keep it up because it is working
  • Brandenbarnett 3493 days ago
    so far so good. tracked b-fast, snack and lunch. i'm pretty pleased by how slick and comprehensive the calorie tracker for iphone is.

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