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    What to do: Give someone a hug, or give/receive a massage everyday for the next 7 days.

Daily Check-In

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  • ZoeA 2492 days ago
    Hugged several people
  • kkay9988 2601 days ago
    My friend gave me a massage during school today
  • QB 2741 days ago
    Hugged kids and Mother In Law.
  • QB 2742 days ago
    Gave self a face massage.
  • ccgrandy 2760 days ago
    I hugged my cat and dog :)
  • MissAngM 2780 days ago
    Weekend cuddles =) great way to start the day!
  • MissAngM 2782 days ago
    Nice long hug before my husband left for work =)
  • Cheshire 2784 days ago
    Hugged mah dog xD (refuses to hug humans)
  • MissAngM 2784 days ago
    Cuddles with hubby - and our puppy!
  • Cheshire 2786 days ago
    Hugged my dog :3 It's okay if I don't hug a human right?
  • Cheshire 2787 days ago
    Hugged my cat :P Now I'm all furry!
  • Halfkit 2802 days ago
    My family loves me so this is easy
  • Halfkit 2805 days ago
    Hugged lots, shook hands
  • Halfkit 2807 days ago
    Hugged my brother
    And my cat xD
  • Valem0508 2849 days ago
    Completed today's hug
  • Valem0508 2850 days ago
    Already hugged someone
  • Valem0508 2850 days ago
    I hug people every day so it isn't going to be hard
  • Alisha1977 2854 days ago
    My hubby came in from work after being gone for 10 days, hug my babies all the time
  • sgtpeppersmom 2874 days ago
    Started the day with a morning hug!
  • Grace_SD 2890 days ago
    I hug my kids, big bear hugs, several times a day :)

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