• Delay Your Cravings

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    What to do: For the next 14 days, do not satisfy your cravings until 30 minutes after they are gone.

    One of the most trying things that most dieters struggle with at some point or another as they go about their plan is food cravings. Food cravings can definitely get the best of you and if you're not careful, could completely throw your diet off track.

    Fortunately, if you understand how to combat food cravings, you can put a stop to them for good.

    One of the best ways to stop food cravings from taking you away from your diet is to delay them. If you can stop yourself from gratifying yourself with your food cravings, you can gain better control over how they will impact you.

    The longer you can wait before you give in, the easier it will be in the future to hold out as well.

    Let's take a brief look at a few of the important tips to remember to help you delay your cravings.

    Get Busy

    If there's one good way to delay food cravings, getting busy is it. The minute you feel a food craving coming on, take action and go do another task.

    Preferably try and get away from the room that the food craving occurred in (especially if it was the kitchen) so that you can get it out of your mind.

    Get busy doing something else – whether it's running errands, calling a friend, or writing an email and see if that craving doesn't pass while you're doing so.

    Drink Some Water

    Second, another way to help combat food cravings, is to drink some water. Having a tall glass of water can get the 'taste' of that food out of your mouth and sometimes this is what is really needed to help stop the food craving in its tracks. Plus, if you're experiencing thirst and mistaking it for hunger, this can also remedy that problem as well.

    Set A Timer

    The third thing that you might consider doing to help combat food cravings is setting a timer to go off to mark the delay. Set it for ten minutes and if you still want to eat that food once it's up, then you can have at it.

    Many people will find that after these ten minutes have passed, they actually don't want that food any more anyway.


    Finally, last but not least, consider journaling. Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts and feelings down and to prevent yourself from giving in to temptation. Often the craving is due to emotional reasons, so the journaling can help you pinpoint this.

    So there you have some fast and effective ways to delay your food cravings. Make sure you give each of these a try.

Daily Check-In

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  • Jenlee 2655 days ago
    Delaying as we speak!
  • Jenlee 2657 days ago
    Didn't do so well...had ice cream
  • Jenlee 2661 days ago
    Delayed the ice cream for half hour but ended up eating some any way'
  • Jenlee 2663 days ago
    Delayed after work snack
  • Jenlee 2665 days ago
    Delayed the cake and didn't eat it
  • Jenlee 2667 days ago
    Refrained from pancakes!
  • MusicMutt 2725 days ago
    Didn't eat candy at volleyball camp
  • MusicMutt 2727 days ago
    No snacks during golf:)
  • MusicMutt 2728 days ago
    No cookies at all today!
  • MusicMutt 2729 days ago
    Ate yogurt instead of cookies...yay!
  • MusicMutt 2731 days ago
    Wanted a cookie but told myself to clean kitchen first...ended up not wanting it after all.
  • Misti_Lee_A 2750 days ago
    No cravings really busy again today
  • Misti_Lee_A 2751 days ago
    Busy again today so no cravings really :)
  • Misti_Lee_A 2753 days ago
    I'm trying to crunch my cravings....but I haven't really had time today to crave been busy :)
  • flyersgirl4118 2789 days ago
    Totally avoided the mid-morning munchies today! Held out and now going to wait until lunch. It helped to make a nice hot cup of tea and focus on that instead of how much I wanted a mega snack.
  • tallmisto 2808 days ago
    Better today than yesterday
  • fcassidy 2864 days ago
    No caving on cravings
  • Jolie14 3041 days ago
    Even when I crave something I just play with my kids or call my best friend to talk.
  • kiramarie 3043 days ago
    I'm hungry now but I'm not eating...
  • LJS13 3057 days ago
    I delayed my cravings today.

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