• Drink 8 cups of water a day for 30 days

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    What to do: Just drink at least 8 cups of water(not soda, juice, etc) for 30 days!

    Number of Points: +3000

Daily Check-In

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  • Ryu.Eien 1889 days ago
    I tend to drink a 54oz mug of water a day so this should be cake.. maybe >_>
  • ladysinya 2478 days ago
    2.5 for the day so far. I need to catch up!
  • washedaway 2646 days ago
    Maybe 6 glasses of water today, but it's better than nothing
  • mollquill 2651 days ago
    I refilled my 20oz bottle 3 times today.
  • NewMe85 2705 days ago
    Drinking water instead of juices and soda
  • MusicMutt 2729 days ago
    Success in this area!
  • MusicMutt 2738 days ago
    Water is not a problem
  • MusicMutt 2741 days ago
    Body is craving water!
  • MusicMutt 2742 days ago
    Outside work today water will not be a problem!
  • MusicMutt 2743 days ago
    I have been extra thirsty this week. Must be the hot weather!
  • Halfkit 2744 days ago
    Going to finish this thus time!!! No more restarting
  • Halfkit 2755 days ago
    Just skimmed under eight with seven. Gonna gi compensate another...
  • RChambers7 2798 days ago
    I have a huge 32 oz water bottle so it's really easy to keep track
  • qitina26 2810 days ago
    It's morning yet buy i already drank 2 glasses.
  • RChambers7 2813 days ago
    I can't quite get in 8 cups but I drink a lot more water than I used to. I noticed I feel more energized and not as sluggish
  • TrinaM 2835 days ago
    Only made it to 6 cups of water today, try harder...
  • ChrisxCasey 2849 days ago
    I try to drink a gallon a day, this should be cake.
  • 01kimbo 2851 days ago
    Doing better each dsy!
  • 01kimbo 2865 days ago
    I think this is one if the few days I made it!
  • 01kimbo 2872 days ago
    This is a bit tougher than you think.

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