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    What to do: Avoid fast foods.

    Number of Points: +3000

Daily Check-In

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  • Nigeriangirl2003 2652 days ago
    I started my day 1. I never eat fast food this will be a easy challenge.
  • purplepanda 2737 days ago
    Not a fast food, but I did get Cheetos from the gas station last night. Avoided the temptation of chocolate though!
  • purplepanda 2738 days ago
    No fast food, not tempted.
  • Mo2nd 2844 days ago
    I didn't eat fast food today
  • Mo2nd 2845 days ago
    I did not eat fast foods
  • Huyen 2845 days ago
    Eat more fruit instead
  • Jennifer mccord 2916 days ago
    First day of eating better and getting fit and,no fast food today.
  • Randomgirl2442 2918 days ago
    Don't even like fast food
  • Randomgirl2442 2923 days ago
    Don't even like fast food
  • Leelee 2928 days ago
    This is the day i normally stuggle, going past mcdonalds on the way to work :/
  • Leelee 2929 days ago
    Day one. Easy its gonna get hard tomorrow.
  • Xxx_kieradm_xxx 2974 days ago
    I'm eating more healthy already and I'm not going to even think about having any shape or form of fast food
  • adinosir 3013 days ago
    This will be difficult since my boyfriend works at McDonalds, and my love for chicken nuggets. :c
  • 52ashle 3014 days ago
    Left over pizza will be the death of me
  • getskinny123 3016 days ago
    havent had any fast food in 1 1/2 months
  • 52ashle 3019 days ago
    Ate pizza today, I'll start again tomorrow
  • Jolie14 3028 days ago
    I love when I eat health :)
  • sarahbear 3030 days ago
    no fast foods for me!
  • sarahbear 3031 days ago
    i have eaten fast food once in the past 6 months!
  • Mylanah_09 3031 days ago
    I did not eat fast foods today

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