• Eat Like Caveman 1 Meal/Day

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    This was a giveaway challenge. Winner will be announced next Saturday, the 23rd

    What to do: Eat like a caveman 1 meal a day.

    One diet plan that's caught on very rapidly is the Paleo diet approach. This diet approach takes you back to ancient times and tries to have you eating in a similar manner to how our ancestors ate years ago. That's what this challenge is about.

    For this challenge, for 1 meal a day, make sure it's something a caveman would eat. You want to eliminate essentially all foods that are man-made, and can't be found in nature. This includes grains, bread, dairy, packaged foods, processed foods and junk foods.

    Why This Approach Will Help You Reach Your Goals

    So what is so special about the Paleo diet? First, by eliminating all the processed and overly refined foods that we've come to rely on, you'll experience more stable blood glucose levels. Without the energy spikes and crashes that typically follow high-carbohydrate foods, your hunger level will be maintained and you'll have an easier time sticking with your target calorie intake.

    Furthermore, because the diet is heavily focused on lean proteins, healthy fats, and high fiber vegetables, hunger will likely be non-existent as well. This means that you'll have no problem consuming a very low calorie intake.

    Finally, Paleo eating will improve your health. You'll find you think better, you focus better, and you'll slash your risk of heart disease and diabetes. If you feel great throughout the day, the chances that you stick with a diet program are going to be far better as well.

    What Foods Are Allowed On A Paleo Diet Plan

    Now that you know the premise behind the paleo diet approach, which foods are allowed and which aren't?

    When putting together this diet, the main foods that you should be eating include:

    - all fruits and vegetables

    - nuts and seeds

    - lean meats

    - fish

    - shellfish

    The foods that you want to be avoiding include:

    - all grains and flour based products

    - all dairy products

    - quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth

    - starchy vegetables

    - soft drinks

    - sweets and desserts

    How To Implement The Paleo Diet Into Your Lifestyle

    To implement this diet into your own lifestyle approach, focus on eating one Paleo meal each day for the coming week. After doing so, notice how great you feel and how much better your energy level is. This will give you a good glimpse into what Paleo style of eating has to offer and before you know it, you may just choose to adopt this eating style across all meals of the day.

Daily Check-In

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  • Lana Burner 2327 days ago
    Eggs, bacon, potato pancake for breakfast
  • Lana Burner 2331 days ago
    Frittata for breakfast
  • Lana Burner 2332 days ago
    Frittata for breakfast
  • Lana Burner 2333 days ago
    Frittata for breakfast
  • Lana Burner 2334 days ago
    Eggs and bacon for breakfast
  • amy83031 2336 days ago
    Ate only salad and fish for dinner.
  • Angii577 2710 days ago
    Eggs & avocado for breakfast
  • Angii577 2713 days ago
    Completed challenge today. Eggs & vegs!
  • Sophigrace7 2726 days ago
    Today,well, yesterday... I completed this challenge!!!! I just forgot to log it and it's only morning soooo anyways!!! I did it!!! One daydown 6 left to go!!
  • MKeller 2780 days ago
    Peanuts, tomatoes, Brussel sprouts
  • knik-jones 2803 days ago
    Cucumber, broccoli, peanuts
  • Lacemybones 2877 days ago
    Day 1:
    Bananas mangoes, cantaloupe, spinach, coconut water, and green tea! No extra sugars...
  • Superslimwannabe 2894 days ago
    Today I ate a melon, sandwich and bun. Yday I are a sandwich and rocky bar! :)
  • Tcheski 2896 days ago
    Eating mainly meats and veggies
  • MagPots 2973 days ago
    Only protein and a banana for dinner
    And chili sauce... But that's not much!
  • Lizzard101 3004 days ago
    How could they live this way
  • Haobeili 3012 days ago
    Eggs and bacon for breakfast
  • Geaglie 3047 days ago
    Im starting a paleo diet for 6 weeks. I have been doing pretty good with this diet today. I can only find this one day challenge, but I will just repeat it for 42 days.
  • blaurebell 3160 days ago
    I'm doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet anyway, so I just need one meal of no dairy ... simple!
  • shulrick 3173 days ago
    Does anyone have any websites to recommend for recipes etc?

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