• Exercise Before Facebook

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    What to do: For the next week, you can't check Facebook or your favorite website unless you did 15 minutes of exercise (a short walk if it's a rest day)

    Stuck in the Facebook trap? If you're someone who typically gets up and immediately runs to the computer to check the latest updates from all of your friends and acquaintances, you may want to rethink this habit.

    While Facebook can be a good way to connect with long-lost pals from time to time, most people will find that more often than not, it just sucks time from your day.

    Let's look at what this challenge is all about.

    Conditioning Yourself

    The very first reason for this challenge is to provide some positive reinforcement for something that right now you aren't especially fond of doing.

    Facebook is going to serve as the reinforcement as you already know that you enjoy it, while exercise is what you're trying to come to enjoy to a larger extent.

    By making a rule that you can go on to Facebook and spend 10 or 20 minutes (or however long you have) once you've completed a set time period of exercise, you'll get that reward in place.

    This gives you something to look forward to during exercise and in time, you'll come to hold exercise in a more positive light.

    Getting Started With A Positive Mindset

    The second reason for this challenge is to have a more positive mindset to start your day. If you place exercise before Facebooking and other tasks, you'll feel good knowing you've done something positive for your body.

    In addition to this, you'll also find you feel more energized and are thinking more clearly as you start your day with exercise now finished.

    Exercise does have a very strong impact on how you feel, so this challenge really makes the most out of that.

    Getting Priorities Straight

    Finally, the last reason for this challenge is to help you get your priorities straight. Most people waste hours per day on Facebook and other social media sites and these are hours that they could have spent doing something productive.

    By putting the more important elements of your life first, you'll gain appreciation for what really matters the most.

    In time you may find you spend more of your morning exercising and less Facebooking as well. It takes time to develop positive habits, but this small adjustment of using Facebook as a positive reinforcement for exercise is going to get you started.

    So set it your goal and start your day with exercise. Do this before you even turn on your computer.

Daily Check-In

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  • HelloItsErin 2640 days ago
    Started this just before going to bed so I'm starting tomorrow and doing it for an extra day.
  • MusicMutt 2659 days ago
    Scooped horse manure before Facebook this afternoon
  • MusicMutt 2660 days ago
    Facebook after standing for two hours!
  • MusicMutt 2662 days ago
    Walked before Facebook this afternoon
  • LauraR 2808 days ago
    Checked facebook after walking for about an hour!
  • Wnt2Bfit 2841 days ago
    Today was my first day on this challenge and I DID IT :)
  • Naomi123 2904 days ago
    I did it with an amazing app
    Do i ever feel good!!!
  • Domestic Goddess 2978 days ago
    Bicycle trip for one hour
  • Maddi 3009 days ago
    Done cause I dont have a Facebook !!!!!
  • ReadytoGo 3010 days ago
    I shortened it to 50 jumping jacks, because I check Facebook SO often.
  • Aybaylay 3033 days ago
    So I decided I'm only going to do 5 minutes before I go on everytime because I only have so much time. :) but loving this!
  • Maddi 3035 days ago
    I quit my facebook so i could exerzice more:)
  • Maddi 3039 days ago
    I havent checked mine in 2 weeks
  • Maddi 3040 days ago
    I havent checked my facebook in 2 hours EASY
  • Ari2009 3059 days ago
    I exercised before Facebook today!
  • Ari2009 3060 days ago
    I exercised today for an hour!
  • ValiantV 3060 days ago
    I went for a 15 minute walk today. Haven't checked Facebook yet ;) I have a recovering knee injury so I am slowly and gently reintroducing exercise.
  • Brooklyn 3089 days ago
    I've gone on Facebook once today and YouTube and before both of those I went for a walk :)
  • Velociraptorarms 3091 days ago
    I've been on my feet all day today, so I overshot 15 minutes by a lot :P
  • Kristina 3106 days ago
    Having a hard time with this one

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