• Find Allies Challenge

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    What to do: For the next 7 days, email or call a friend, and tell them about your goals

Daily Check-In

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  • glutenful 559 days ago
    I just texted a friend of mine. Plus, I joined a few groups!
  • MissAngM 2559 days ago
    Today I wrote about the great water debate on my blog!
  • MissAngM 2560 days ago
    Check out my blog for today's post about our kitchen and what's in it for this week =P letsmakeapanda.blogspot.com.au
  • allymcvay 2671 days ago
    I met my friend at the gym and have been working out with her.
  • thall6972 2720 days ago
    With my friend Heather!
  • Saragauvin 2721 days ago
    Talked to a family member
  • Saragauvin 2722 days ago
    Emailed an old friend
  • Saragauvin 2723 days ago
    Called a friend and had a long chat with her. We told eachother out New Years resolution and goals.
  • Shindig_Johnny_Punk 2817 days ago
    Got 2 people to join with me Woot Woot!!!
  • kiramarie 2907 days ago
    I made 2 friends today! So exited after being withdrawn for so long!
  • CitrusOne 2948 days ago
    Talked to former colleague/friend over lunch.
  • CitrusOne 2949 days ago
    Spoke to my partner.
  • ValiantV 2963 days ago
    I emailed my best friend to let her know I joined this site and what my weight loss goal was.
  • Mandyniverson 2994 days ago
    Husband and I are in this together
  • RunsWithDogs 3024 days ago
    I stared this morning by texting my close friends for support!
  • emsmith 3058 days ago
    My best friend and I are working out together and encourage each other.
  • ACGheen 3133 days ago
    Encouraged fiancé to log his day too!
  • Tzippy72 3178 days ago
    Emailed and te tex my mate about my challenge
  • Miss viper 3195 days ago
    Been telling anyone that will bloody listen!
  • Miss viper 3197 days ago
    Text my friend this morning about my plans for today and how I managed to say no to temptation. We both have a huge show in less than two weeks so we really need to take it up a gear.

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