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  • RChambers7 2762 days ago
    I binge ate Friday and Saturday and gained everything back and another 3 pounds. I can't believe this I need to get in control
  • RChambers7 2763 days ago
    Ugh still hovering around 130
  • RChambers7 2763 days ago
    I plateaued at 129, I lose a pound then gain a pound but I am consistently within my calorie, carb, fat, and protein range
  • RChambers7 2780 days ago
    128.5! Slow and steady!
  • Jolie14 3006 days ago
    I'm so getting there.
  • Jolie14 3019 days ago
    Sorry I haven't log in I'm getting there. :)
  • 52ashle 3024 days ago
    Haha I don't think I'm getting there
  • 52ashle 3025 days ago
    I need to weigh myself
  • 52ashle 3033 days ago
    Haven't weighed myself inns while
  • Jolie14 3043 days ago
    I'm on my way there.
  • +philophobic+ 3070 days ago
    I don't know how far I'm at
  • pell6helen 3102 days ago
    This is my goal weight and I'm sooo happy this is a challenge!!!
  • cdaily 3173 days ago
    8 more to go!!! Leggo :p
  • cdaily 3196 days ago
    It's on, last 5 pounds
  • cdaily 3203 days ago
    I'm also doing the lose 5 pounds challenge, and once I achieve that one I will have achieved this one too!
  • joules945 3270 days ago
    Going to take me a while to get there but I am determined.
  • 529melinda 3274 days ago
    this is my next milestone, so it's the perfect challenge!
  • ciaofitness 3297 days ago
    I weigh 143 so it's probably gonna take me more than the challenge lasts.. but this is my goal weight!
  • cdaily 3397 days ago
    Yesterday I was there
  • cdaily 3399 days ago
    Forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I am pretty sure that the ice cream did me in... :(

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