• Green Meal Challenge

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    What to do: Eat something green in every meal, no matter how small the portion size is.

    If you're looking for a challenge that will dramatically improve your nutritional intake and put you one step closer to weight loss success, this is it. Adding more greens to your day is a powerful way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake, load up on antioxidants, add a serious fiber punch to your diet, and improve the taste of your meals.

    Best of all, greens are incredibly low in calories, so won't have any influence on the weight loss progress that you're making.

    Let's give you a few quick ideas that you can use to help add more greens into your day.

    1. Toss Spinach Into Your Omelette

    If you're preparing an omelette, consider adding a few handfuls of spinach while it cooks. Spinach is loaded with iron and is far more nutritious than any other form of lettuce available, so will make for the ideal addition to this meal.

    2. Make A Turkey Sausage Stir-fry

    Who says that you can't have 'dinner' foods at breakfast? Turkey sausage is a lower fat type of protein source to consider adding to this meal and by preparing it in stir-fry form, you'll help get your veggies in. Chop up some broccoli, green onions, and celery and stir-fry it with your sausage.

    3. Use Romaine Lettuce With Your Salad

    If you're a lover of salads for your lunch time meal, start swapping your usual nutritionally-devoid iceberg lettuce choice with some romaine lettuce instead. Romaine lettuce contains far more nutrients and a stronger flavor, so you'll definitely enjoy what this swap will bring you.

    4. Add Chives To Your Baked Potato

    A baked sweet potato can make for a great energy source to have with your lunch-time meal, especially for those who are performing exercise later on in the day and who require more fuel.

    Rather than topping it with high-fat sour cream and bacon bits however, consider topping it with some low-fat cottage cheese and some sliced chives. You'll get a dose of protein from the cottage cheese and the chives will provide additional vitamins and minerals.

    5. Add Collard Greens Into The Mix

    If you prefer your salad as a side to your dinner meal, consider adding in some collard greens with whatever other lettuce variety you use. Collard greens are rich in vitamin A, C, and K and will liven up your salad in a hurry.

    6. Steam Some Asparagus

    Asparagus makes for one of the best side dishes to have with your dinner meal and is incredibly easy to prepare. Simply steam a few spears in a pot and then drizzle with some lemon juice and a tiny amount of olive oil as desired.

    7. Make Broccoli Salad

    As an alternative to lettuce salad, consider broccoli salad. Broccoli is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that will help to protect against free radical damage that could lead to cancer.

    Chop up some broccoli, mix together some fat-free mayonnaise with a small amount of vinegar and a natural sweetener of your choice, and then drizzle on top, adding in some mandarin orange slices and slivered almonds.

    So don't overlook adding greens to your diet any longer. Incorporating them in is easy as long as you get a bit creative.

Daily Check-In

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  • amy83031 2504 days ago
    Egg Beaters with spinach and roasted veggies.
  • Hellokritty 2668 days ago
    Diced up celery, thrown into whatever's in the slow cooker that day.
  • Jojomojo 2701 days ago
    Does green tea count? Lol
  • Jojomojo 2703 days ago
    Had some cabbages and green peppers today :)
  • Jojomojo 2704 days ago
    Started this the moment I ate after I joined. This morning I had eggs with GREEN peppers! More greens left to come
  • Kassidy_amber 2738 days ago
    I didnt eat any greensīˆš today, but tomorrow I will
  • JessicaM. 2761 days ago
    Sweet peas and no salt added corn!
  • JessicaM. 2766 days ago
    Sweet peas and broccoli
  • JessicaM. 2769 days ago
    I had sweet peas with my lunch! Yummy!
  • pegsg416 2807 days ago
    Veggies in lunch and dinner
  • pegsg416 2810 days ago
    Veggie for lunch only.
  • pegsg416 2812 days ago
    Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner
  • pegsg416 2815 days ago
    Veggies at breakfast and lunch.
  • pegsg416 2816 days ago
    Veggie smoothie for breakfast.
  • CCChrn 2853 days ago
    Ate great today. All green
  • ELLEN123 2858 days ago
    Cucumber with breakfast
    Green beans for lunch
    Salad for dinner
  • ELLEN123 2860 days ago
    I've been succeeding
  • Breezes 3012 days ago
    Lunch I had basil in my soup
  • jnsdance 3017 days ago
    Lettuce and broccoli!
  • Erika.2720 3042 days ago
    I always get something green with my meals

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