• Mix It Up Challenge

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    What to do: This week, try something new each day: a new activity, workout, healthy recipe or food, stress-relieving hobby, etc.

    If exercise or your diet has become monotonous and you feel like you're going through the motions, it may be time to re-evaluate what you're doing.

    This week, your challenge is to ditch the routine; and mix it up! Make it a point to try something new everyday. Explore new exercise activities, kick up the intensity of workouts, and even try new foods or recipes.

    Mixing Up Your Exercise Routine:

    By mixing up your normal routine, you will give your body and muscles time to heal between workouts. By doing the same intense workouts on a daily basis you increase your chances of becoming injured.

    1. Consider cross-training. Cross-training is also known as circuit training; and simply means combining exercises to work different muscle groups.

    If you typically do exercises that are high-impact, try swapping them with something low impact. Swimming is a great option, and is an excellent way to burn calories.

    2. Sign up for an exercise class you have never tried before.

    3. Work-out with a friend.

    4. Change the length and intensity of your work-outs (intervals).

    5. Even things such as rollerblading, biking and hiking can be excellent ways to burn calories...all while keeping you interested.

    When mixing up your exercise routine, just remember to begin slow and easy. It's not a good idea to push yourself to your limit right away. Start at a lower intensity and gradually work your way up.

    Mixing Up Your Diet:

    Trying new foods can be daunting. It's so easy to buy the same vegetables every week, cook the same meals, and even pack the same thing for lunch every single day. How boring!

    Mixing up your diet can help control the amount of calories you consume because it keeps you from getting bored. Once you become bored with what you're eating, it's a lot easier to make poor food choices or even binge on chips and chocolate.

    1. When you're at the grocery store, toss a vegetable you've never tried before into the cart.

    2. If you usually buy pre-cooked or pre-marinated meats, consider buying fresh and cook them yourself.

    3. Skip the take-out or fast-food meals, and prepare a recipe you've been meaning to try.

    If your stuck in a rut, now is the time to mix it up! Start slowly, and add new exercises and foods into your routines. Try some of the suggestions mentioned above.

Daily Check-In

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  • Piesciuk 2492 days ago
    Today I tried a BOSU Ball workout for the first time in an effort to improve my balance. I'm very wobbly, but will hopefully improve over time. I plan to do this workout often.
  • Piesciuk 2493 days ago
    I tried a new exercise today called the Kettlebell Press. Challenging and effective.
  • Piesciuk 2494 days ago
    I tried a new exercise today -- the medicine ball slam. I used a 10 lb. medicine ball and slammed it against the floor as hard as I could for 10 reps. It was actually a lot of fun and a great way to relieve holiday stress!
  • Piesciuk 2495 days ago
    Another nice day in Chicago so I decided to take a hike. I tried a trail in a nearby forest preserve that I had never been to before.
  • Piesciuk 2496 days ago
    I tried a new Yoga DVD today and I also tried blueberries for the first time ever.
  • Piesciuk 2497 days ago
    The temperatures are unseasonably warm for Chicago, so I decided to go for a hike in a new place today. I found a nearby county forest preserve with trails surrounding a lake. It was beautiful and it felt great to be outdoors for a change.
  • Piesciuk 2498 days ago
    Today I tried a new Jillian Michaels exercise DVD. I love her!! She always kicks my butt. I burned 218 calories with strength and cardio circuit training.
  • skinny93 2597 days ago
    starting a new eating plan Monday :D so excited
  • skinny93 2598 days ago
    trying to be creative within the limits of my diet
  • skinny93 2599 days ago
    Running at my own pace and music :)
  • skinny93 2600 days ago
    trying to start with run intervals again :)
  • skinny93 2601 days ago
    Going to walk/jog/Sprint tonight :) it's good to change from roller skating to feet in land :3
  • skinny93 2602 days ago
    I gave myself a no diet day :)
  • MissAngM 2674 days ago
    Made new Pinterest recipe today (cauliflower smash).
  • Swagners 2806 days ago
    Ate a Caesar salad with grilled salmon
  • Swagners 2808 days ago
    Ate a cup of Greek apple yogurt
  • Swagners 2809 days ago
    Baby carrots... Mmmm!
  • Swagners 2810 days ago
    Ate some baby carrots and apple slices
  • Swagners 2811 days ago
    Ate some baby carrots
  • Aroot 3054 days ago
    Grocery shop by myself

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