• Move during Commercials

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    What to do: During the commercials, get off your couch, and march in place or dance for the next 7 days.

    One habit that many people are in that can be quite hard to kick is the TV watching habit. The evening comes and you really don't feel like doing much other than retiring and watching your favorite TV show.

    If this is the situation you find yourself in and your fitness has gone by the wayside, it's time to look at what you can do while watching TV to improve your physical fitness.

    Moving during the commercial breaks is the perfect way to attack this goal. While most people get up to go to the kitchen in search of something to eat during commercials, if you can make it a goal to move around and get some exercise, you'll save yourself from taking in calories while burning some off.

    It doesn't have to be difficult to come up with exercises to do either. Let's look at a few things that you can do during commercial breaks to rev up your fitness level.

    1. Get Down And Do 10

    Push-ups are one of the best exercises to strengthen the upper body and will work perfectly here. Get down and do 10 in a row before resting for one commercial and then doing another ten.

    2. Lunge

    Want to firm your lower body? Lunges will do the trick. Lunge back and forth across your living room a few times making sure to use a slow and steady movement pattern.

    3. Perform Lying Leg Raises

    If your lower abs are giving you trouble, lying leg raises should be what you turn to. Lift the legs directly up until they're at 90 degrees and then lower them back down until they're just hovering the floor.

    4. Do Jumping Jacks

    Jumping jacks are an excellent way to get your heart rate up and work the upper and lower body muscles. Perform jumping jacks until the commercial break is complete and you'll have easily burned of 20-30 calories in the process.

    5. Perform Tricep Dips Off The Chair

    If you're looking for a way to firm and strengthen the arms, tricep dips are what you should turn to. Place the palms just off the edge of a chair or bench and then lower yourself downward. Pause at the bottom of the movement and then press directly up again.

    6. Squat And Hold

    For lower body endurance, move into a squat position and hold this for as long as possible. Once you can no longer hold it, rest for 10-20 seconds and then repeat a second time through.

    7. Lay Down And Get Up

    To burn up calories fast, perform get-ups. Get down on the floor so you're in the full lying position and then stand right back up again until you're upright. Repeat for as many times as you can until the commercial break is finished.

    8. Perform The Plank

    To zero in on the core, the plank is a perfect commercial-break exercise. Get down so you're balancing on your forearms and toes and then hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Make sure that you don't let the hips drop or rise up throughout.

    So don't let yourself sit around during the evening any longer. Even if TV time takes priority, get active during the commercial breaks.

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  • Asraispell 1982 days ago
    Didn't do it yesterday
  • Linc123 2250 days ago
    Just joined. This is something simple I can do.
  • Smee44 2442 days ago
    I decided to do pushups. I did twenty!
  • Jellybean32 2651 days ago
    This actually really help
  • NewMe85 2655 days ago
    Body now hurts even with the smallest movements. I know this is just because this is my first week of being active in a very long time but hopefully soon I can get used to it
  • NewMe85 2657 days ago
    Bodies sore from moving with weights, never realized how long commercial breaks are.
  • NewMe85 2659 days ago
    Sweating during commercials!
  • NewMe85 2660 days ago
    Day 2 of this challenge completed!
  • HelloItsErin 2660 days ago
    Omg I love this one! When an advert came in I started dancing about and my parents just looked at me like I was crazy XD
  • NewMe85 2661 days ago
    Just stared, sweating up a storm now!
  • HelloItsErin 2663 days ago
    Starting this tomorrow since I'm going to bed soon and I'm doing it for an extra day.
  • MusicMutt 2706 days ago
    No TV after work; did minor jobs around the house
  • MusicMutt 2707 days ago
    Washed dishes and straightened house during commercials
  • MusicMutt 2711 days ago
    Cleaned kitchen, climbed basement steps a couple times!
  • MusicMutt 2712 days ago
    So far so good! Laundry is doable btwn commercials and so is sweeping the floors!
  • Tammysspark 2723 days ago
    Commercials are designed to be able to things done during the day
  • Tammysspark 2724 days ago
    Chores are not so bad when you do them during commercials
  • Tammysspark 2725 days ago
    Moving doing chores during commercials today!!!
  • sierramarie94 2726 days ago
    Got up during commercials and ran around
  • Tammysspark 2727 days ago
    Didn't watch tv much today as I was out and about.

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