• No Added Sugars for 1 Week

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    What to do: Do not eat/drink anything with added sugars for 1 week (naturally occurring ones are ok)

    The challenge that we're presenting to you this week is to avoid all added sugars for 7 days.

    This challenge won't be an easy one as most people are hooked on sugar. But, if you can push through it, the rewards will be worth your while.

    First let's go over the danger of eating sugar. To start with, you have the rapid blood sugar spike. This will give you a quick boost of energy, but then leave you crashing afterwards. This will leave you feeling anxious, jittery, weak and tired, all at once.

    Second, the calories will add up. Sugar is very calorie dense so it can rapidly cause you to gain body fat if you don't watch how much you take in daily.

    Third, sugar stresses your pancreas. Your pancreas releases a hormone called insulin, which removes extra sugar from the blood after you eat it. If you're taking in high amounts of sugar regularly, this is going to place great strain on your pancreas.

    The end result? You could wind up suffering from diabetes or other serious health conditions.

    Finally, sugar also contains no nutrients. Sugar is essentially 'empty calories', meaning they won't do any good for your body.

    The Different Sugar Varieties

    Now let's look at a few different type of sugar varieties. First you have straight table sugar. This is the most common variety consumed. In addition to that there is honey, molasses, and maple syrup. While these aren't quite pure table sugar, they still contain glucose and will have the same reaction in your body.

    In addition to calorie-containing forms of sugar, you also want to avoid sugar-like products as well. This includes all the calorie free sweeteners that are available today. Examples of these include Splenda, Sugar Twin, or NutraSweet. Also be sure to avoid sugar alcohols, including malitol and xylitol, as these can cause severe stomach upset in many people.

    What about fruit? Well, there is a difference between fruit sugar and regular sugar. Fruit sugar is naturally occurring and although it is a type of glucose, it also contains many nutrients along with dietary fiber. Therefore, these do not need to be removed as part of this challenge, but you should still eat fruit in moderation.

    How To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings?

    As you go about the process of removing the sugar you eat, you might suffer from food cravings.

    If you do, here are a few quick tricks to help:

    - snack on fruits - they're sweet but healthy

    - drink a tall glass of water with lemon - sometimes food cravings are just thirst.

    - eat complex, wholesome carbohydrates - these will increase blood sugar levels, but in a healthier way

    - get up and exercise - sometimes increasing the blood flow and getting moving can eliminate food cravings

    So stay strong and committed to this week's challenge. You'll notice better energy levels, greater concentration, and may even lose some weight if you do!

Daily Check-In

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  • jencantrun 981 days ago
    Just started so I'm looking forward to how this will go!
  • tacelle 1899 days ago
    Today, I concentrated on vegetables and cooking for myself.
  • Baby 2916 days ago
    I drinked apple juice
  • Baby 2917 days ago
    I don't know how many added sugars I have ate this week
  • Lacemybones 3043 days ago
    Day 1: bananas, mangoes, cantaloupe, spinach, and coconut water. Yummy natural sugars :)
  • Riko 3048 days ago
    This was the most difficult of my challenges. I may repeat it until it is not.
  • Riko 3049 days ago
    Really hankered for hot chocolate, but I make it from scratch, which involves adding sugar, so had plain hot water instead.
  • Riko 3050 days ago
    Challenge: chai tea at dinner. It was fine. I've become more sensitive to sweetness. Yesterday's fruit snack had me buzzing from the sweetness.
  • Topaz898 3082 days ago
    No added sugar today!
  • Bittly 3120 days ago
    This is gonna be difficult but I need this!
  • Erika121989 3134 days ago
    This is my first challenge. I can do this.
  • Tommie 3153 days ago
    No added sugars for me today.
  • Brooklyn 3158 days ago
    I only drank water today and I highly doubt I added sugar haha
  • Mom of 8 3159 days ago
    Definitely a struggle for me!
  • Tommie 3167 days ago
    Going to try this again.
  • crunchyapple 3186 days ago
    Seems to be hard but I have to start with something :)
  • Jparedez 3306 days ago
    Berries and strawberries hold me down
  • makalani22 3313 days ago
    I love this challenge! I'm on day one, but I know that I'm addicted to sugar.. the first two weeks without it are the toughest as far as cravings go for me, so I'm excited to have some support!
  • sarahmatic 3345 days ago
    day 1. so far so good.
  • kravin 3371 days ago
    Started up no sugar after meal today! Starting 2:30 pm today 9/8/12. : )

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