• No Snacks After Dinner

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    What to do: Do not eat anything after dinner for next 7 days. This include desserts, candy, and midnight snacks. You can drink tea.

    One of the most important challenges that you could make as you strive to reach your weight loss goals is stopping snacking after dinner. Eating after the dinner meal will only set you up for weight gain because not only is it more likely that you'll consume an excess number of calories, but the foods most people typically eat in the evening period aren't exactly healthy choices.

    Fortunately, if you take action you can put a stop to this with the right game plan strategy.

    Let's take a look at the steps you need to take to put this problem behind you.

    Set Your Eating Stop Time

    The first step is to set a time when you will stop eating. For most people, 7 or 8 tends to work nicely unless you stay up very late, then 12 may be more appropriate.

    Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

    Next, brush your teeth after the dinner meal. This will send a message to your brain telling you the meal is over and reduce your 'taste' for any further food.

    Make A To-Do List To Keep Yourself Busy

    To get your mind off food, make a to-do list to keep yourself busy. The busier you are, the less chances you'll have of snacking.

    Sip Chamomile Tea Before Bed

    Since most people do feel slight hunger before bed, sip some chamomile tea or herbal tea. This will fill up your stomach, take away hunger, and best of all, encourage sleep. And, it's calorie free!

Daily Check-In

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  • Asi 776 days ago
    I'm a new challenger, it's my first day.
  • TheGirlWhoLived 983 days ago
    I am new here, is this active?
  • atllaw 1173 days ago
    Cheated last night and had some raspberries and celery after dinner. :(
  • Ennele 1193 days ago
    I just started this challenge, finished dinner about half an hour ago. I don’t feel hungry and I’m okay so I think this first day won’t be too difficult :) I have a habit of night snacking but it’s time to make it stop.
  • goodatdrowning 1222 days ago
    No snacks on the bus home after training!
  • Hard Working Momma 1802 days ago
    Just Started....Day 1
  • mj711206 2002 days ago
    I eat Mint candy after dinner to that I will not have a taste for anything else.
  • leithsa 2111 days ago
    I always have a bedtime snack, I was raised that we eat before bedtime. This will be difficult
  • syldenchristinehena 2130 days ago
    I hope I can do this. :)
  • Forever Lily 2245 days ago
    I start today! I know I can do it!
  • freelee 2252 days ago
    Today is the first! I know I can do this!
  • norachula55 2253 days ago
    I can do this easily, I don't snack after dinner anyway. Haven't for about 3 years.
  • Renise 2340 days ago
    No snacks still after dinner
  • Renise 2341 days ago
    Been good no snack after dinner
  • Renise 2342 days ago
    5 days no snacks after dinner
  • Darkusskiba 2344 days ago
    Will not eat went over calories
  • Renise 2344 days ago
    No snacks after dinner tonight
  • Darkusskiba 2346 days ago
    I have not ate any snacks
  • Darkusskiba 2347 days ago
    Forgot to check in yesterday. At good dinner today and didn't eat a snack after dinner
  • Bkmahan 2355 days ago
    No snacks after dinner

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