• Plan 1 Meal For Tomorrow

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    This was a giveaway challenge. Winner will be announced next Friday.

    What to do: For the next week, you have to plan at least 1 meal or snack for the next day. And it doesn't even have to be the most healthiest food.

    For this challenge, you're going to get organized. One of the greatest tricks that you must be implementing if you hope to stick with your diet plan is proper planning beforehand. The old saying, 'those who fail to plan, plan to fail' couldn't be more true. Without a good plan in place, you're leaving your progress up to change.

    By taking the time to plan your meals ahead of time, you'll be giving yourself complete control over the food you're taking in and making absolutely sure that you hit your nutrition goals.

    At the very least, we want you to commit to 1 meal/snack you plan to eat. But if you want to be serious about it, here are some suggestions on planning:

    1. Figure Out Your Target Calorie Intake

    The first step to go into planning your meals is to figure out how many calories as well as grams of proteins, carbs, and fats you're looking for. Getting the stats straight with your diet is incredibly important to see the results you're after so this is number one.

    2. Browse Recipes

    Once you know your targets, then it's time to browse through different recipe collections. Have a look for recipes that intrigue you that you'd like to try out. Keep in mind that if they aren't exactly 'healthy' when looking at them, you can make them healthier by using a few food substitutes.

    3. Purchase The Ingredients

    After finding your perfect recipe, next you want to purchase the ingredients that you'll need. If you can do this once a week, planning out all your mealss in advance, you'll dramatically save time as far as grocery shopping is concerned. Hitting the grocery store each night can get to be quite a buzz kill for your free time, so you'll want to avoid this.

    4. Do Prep-work Ahead Of Time

    Once you have the ingredients at home, try and do as much prep work in advance as possible. Weekday nights can definitely get busy so you want to aim to pre-chop your veggies and possibly even pre-cook meat as well if you really need convenience.

    5. Relax And Enjoy

    Finally, the last step is to cook your meals, relax, and enjoy it. Part of healthy eating and managing your weight is taking the time to seek pleasure from the foods you eat. Don't sit down to the computer or in front of the TV and wolf that meals down as fast as possible.

    Do that and you'll still feel like you need to take in more food to be satisfied. Instead, sit down and concentrate on your food. Notice the taste, texture, and how well it's filling you up.

    This will allow you to gain a far better appreciation for the foods you eat and stick with your diet plan in the long term.

    So don't overlook planning any longer. Carry this challenge through for one week straight and then try and make it a new permanent habit that you

Daily Check-In

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  • tacelle 1853 days ago
    I am following a plan and I will do so for breakfast.
  • Jenlee 2615 days ago
    My plans for dinner were changed because of children so tomorrow it will be breakfast for dinner!
  • Jenlee 2617 days ago
    Pork chops for dinner tomorrow!
  • Jenlee 2621 days ago
    Pack my lunch for tomorrow
  • time_continues 2629 days ago
    Going to have an egg salad sandwich tomorrow with very little mayo
  • HelloItsErin 2663 days ago
    Wednesday 2nd
    Planned lunch
    Salad - tomatoes; lettuce; cucumber; almonds; beet root; small amount of salad cream
    Yoghurt and fruit bar

  • MissAngM 2668 days ago
    Will make a smoothie for breakfast in the morning.
  • JessicaM. 2671 days ago
    Cooked breakfast again!
  • JessicaM. 2676 days ago
    Baked chicken and a side salad!
  • JessicaM. 2677 days ago
    Planned and cooked my dinner!
  • Peanutbutter12 2713 days ago
    Strawberries blueberries raspberries yogurt tea
    2 pieces of pizza carrot peas broccoli dip apple
    Hamburger salad
  • lindalea 2728 days ago
    this should be easy like to plan ahead
  • Brookelyn 2757 days ago
    Well for tomorrow I will have oatmeal for breakfast
  • Grace Face 2770 days ago
    I know me meal for today and tomorrow
  • Brookelyn 2782 days ago
    Already have this done
  • Grace Face 2841 days ago
    Tomorrow I will eat a ham and cheese sandwich, with apple sauce, olives, and a water.
  • Pattirou 2902 days ago
    My goal is to start with planning the one meal and by the end of the week plan the meal for the day.
  • Kelso71111 3006 days ago
    Meatloaf with ground turkey!
  • RubyRedRum 3007 days ago
    Breakfast tomorrow: Espresso with milk, raspberries.
  • Kelso71111 3008 days ago
    Beef roast tomorrow with carrots green beans and red potatoes

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