• Prepare for Cravings

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    What to do: Have a bag of dried fruit or nuts with you wherever you go, including your desk.

    As you make your way through your diet plan, one must-do tip to always remember is to be as prepared as possible. You should already realize that cravings are definitely something that you're going to have to face at some point or another, so taking steps to be prepared is the absolute best thing that you could do right now.

    By preparing for cravings, you can combat them more easily when they strike. Food cravings will always be the strongest when you first start out on your diet plan as this is the point when your body is most likely going to desire the foods that you've just cut out.

    So what can you do help kill your cravings fast while maintaining your healthy diet plan? Let's have a look so that you can see precisely what you should be doing.

    1. Determine The Food You Always Crave

    The very first thing that you need to do is stop and think about what food is giving you the most trouble. Is it always one food in particular that is giving you problems or are a number of foods causes issues?

    If it's just a single food that's causing you big-time problems, you need to simply come up with something to replace it with. That way, when the craving strikes, you know exactly what you need to do.

    If it's a number of foods you're craving, it would be worth your while to have a good look at your diet plan set-up. Are you taking in enough calories? Are you getting a balanced mix of nutrients? If not, this could be why you're experiencing those cravings in the first place.

    A final reason why you might be experiencing food cravings is simply because you're placing yourself around food cues. If you are putting yourself in an environment where everyone is eating junk food – such as at the food court for instance, you're going to be that much more likely to experience a food craving yourself.

    Start thinking about what environmental influences might be causing problems and take steps to control them.

    2. Think Up Suitable Substitutions

    Next, the second step is to think up smarter food replacements. What could you be eating instead to rid yourself of these cravings?

    Some smarter foods to be snacking on that you should consider include: Nuts, Nut butter smeared over fruit or celery, Cans of tuna with salsa, Home-made beef jerky, Frozen fruit 'slush' (frozen fruit and ice cubes blended).

    Remember that if you choose to snack wisely when you have a craving, you'll control your hunger level that much better, which will then decrease the likelihood that you want to eat more while on your diet plan.

    Craving control will turn into hunger management and you'll be much more prepared to deal with them.

Daily Check-In

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  • Jenlee 2509 days ago
    Bag of nuts are ready!
  • Jenlee 2510 days ago
    Ate the peanuts today at lunch
  • Jenlee 2512 days ago
    Used my emergency snack
  • Jenlee 2513 days ago
    Carry mixed nuts with me
  • ELLEN123 2687 days ago
    Munched on carrots and strawberries
  • ELLEN123 2689 days ago
    Bringing m baby carrots to school
  • ELLEN123 2690 days ago
    Sunflower seeds to school today
  • ELLEN123 2692 days ago
    Packing snack for school
  • J1clover 2757 days ago
    I just filled a little glass bottle (a used up cayenne spice container) with mixed nuts and popped it in my purse. Challenge met. :)
  • Bayleysmommy 2879 days ago
    Ate some banana chips this afternoon
  • Bayleysmommy 2880 days ago
    Didnt need my banana chips today.. Work was so busy didnt have time for cravings!!
  • Bayleysmommy 2881 days ago
    Bought some dried pineapple and had that as a snack today
  • Bayleysmommy 2883 days ago
    Still have the banana chips at my desk, but they still remain closed. Yay for no cravings!
  • Bayleysmommy 2885 days ago
    Bought some banana chips for cravings help.. So far the bag hasn't been opened! Yay
  • Bayleysmommy 2886 days ago
    Had no cravings today
  • Gshalan 2967 days ago
    Had an apple in my bag. Ate it already.
  • areissenweber 2978 days ago
    Brought healthy tail mix to work :)
  • Randrew 2982 days ago
    Added trail mix to backpack
  • Tommie 2998 days ago
    Try to lee them on me at all times
  • Tommie 3004 days ago
    I keep nuts in my drawer at work and at home.

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