• Protein For Breakfast

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    What to do: For the next 14 days, replace cereals and any grains with a healthy protein

Daily Check-In

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  • JessicaM. 2753 days ago
    Turkey bacon and egg whites!
  • Sarah101 2935 days ago
    Ate a boiled egg with fruits and tea :)
  • maynger 2993 days ago
    I am on medifast so everything I have for breakfast if protien!
  • kiramarie 3045 days ago
    Greek yogurt, tiny bit of granola, matcha tea with skim milk and a boiled egg!
  • Randrew 3063 days ago
    Special K breakfast sandwich
  • Bellabug 3081 days ago
    Poached egg with fruit this morning. Yum!
  • Dreadymommab 3089 days ago
    Free range eggs from the farm!
  • Angienevaeh 3108 days ago
    Protein for breakfast.
  • mschuldt 3180 days ago
    Quiona has tons of protein in it!! I hope that counts!!
  • JulieD 3182 days ago
    Hard boiled eggs or peanut butter on whole wheat toast are the first things that come to mind. What else?
  • Jacob Lion 3183 days ago
  • LJS13 3193 days ago
    I ate a lot of protein
  • PizzaFan 3222 days ago
    3 eggs, a turkey burger, oatmeal, and a cup of yogurt for breakfast(:
  • PizzaFan 3222 days ago
    3 eggs, a turkey burger, oatmeal, and a cup of yogurt for breakfast(:
  • PizzaFan 3223 days ago
    Egg omelet with peanut butter toast, milk, oatmeal, and coffee. Day one complete(:
  • PizzaFan 3224 days ago
    First day tomorrow! Looking forward to it.
  • ednasilrak 3227 days ago
    Hard boiled egg and cottage cheese. W00t!
  • kamaile73 3348 days ago
    Done this challenge before but kinda cheated (in my mind) by using protein powder shakes. I have a hard time making myself eat breakfast but I do notice a diffence when I do. I'm going to focus on whole food, protein heavy breakfasts for these 2 weeks. Started this morning with 3 scrambled eggs with spinach and leftover cauliflower "rice" and sausage "stuffing".
  • kamaile73 3403 days ago
    been starting my day off with a scoop of protein powder and coconut milk. Easy way to get some quick protein in and then I find that I'm not hungry until well after noon...
  • DreamWarrior 3406 days ago
    Protein shake!! YAY! Easy breazy.

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