• Reduce your Portions

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    What to do: For 7 days, eat your dinner in a smaller plate than usual.

Daily Check-In

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  • Renise 2407 days ago
    Used a square bowl for salad & wings tonight
  • Jenlee 2676 days ago
    Smaller plate/smaller portions
  • Jenlee 2678 days ago
    Still using small plate
  • Jenlee 2682 days ago
    Used smaller plate for dinner
  • ccgrandy 2708 days ago
    Did good, however food choices could have been better
  • Cheshire 2726 days ago
    So I'm a failure. Tomorrow is a new day
  • JessicaM. 2737 days ago
    Still doing pretty good.
  • MusicMutt 2738 days ago
    Harder today but still cut dinner portion
  • MusicMutt 2739 days ago
    Self control is getting much better
  • MusicMutt 2740 days ago
    Not so great on the doughnuts!
  • MusicMutt 2742 days ago
    Half breakfast sandwich instead of whole
  • JessicaM. 2742 days ago
    This is easier than I thought!
  • MusicMutt 2742 days ago
    Not a great day but did ok
  • JessicaM. 2743 days ago
    This is going great so far!
  • JessicaM. 2766 days ago
    This is hard but I'm doing well so far!
  • ELLEN123 2857 days ago
    Not a smaller plate but smaller portions
  • ELLEN123 2860 days ago
    Forgot tonight, but I didn't take seconds so it had the same effect
  • ELLEN123 2863 days ago
    Going to choose the smaller plate tonight!
  • Carnahankb 2887 days ago
    Had two small pieces of pizza instead of the whole pizza
  • Sophigrace7 2892 days ago
    Woopo hoooooo portions reduced!!! Being heavier than my friends at school isn't very fun but im getting there!

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