• Relieve Stress 10 Mins/Day

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    What to do: Find a way to relieve stress 10 minutes a day.

    If you're like most people, one of the biggest factors that could be influencing your success right now is stress.

    Unfortunately, all this stress is wreaking havoc on you. Stress will not only cause you to release cortisol in the body, which can then cause you to break down your lean muscle mass, but it can lead you to emotional eating.

    If you're highly stressed out, chances are high that you're going to be reaching into that pantry or freezer for something comforting to soothe those emotions.

    Fortunately, there are some fast and easy ways that you can overcome stress. Let's have a look at 10 quick ideas – all of which take 30 minutes or less.

    1) Take A Bubble Bath

    There's nothing like a good bubble bath to quickly sooth your stress levels and get you to relax. A hot bath in the evening can be the perfect way to unwind and as an added benefit, it will also help to speed up the recover that you experience from your workout session.

    2) Read A Good Book

    Grab a good book and schedule 20 minutes of downtime for yourself.

    3) Crank The Tunes And Power Walk

    Next, for those who want to do something more energizing, put on an MP3 player, crank your favorite upbeat music, and go for a power walk.

    Walking is a form of exercise that doesn't require all that much energy from a muscular strength point of view, so it'll be easy to do at any point regardless of how you're feeling.

    What's more is that the increased heart rate can cause the release of feel-good hormones in the body that produce a calming effect over you.

    4) Call A Friend

    Sometimes the best way to beat stress is to connect with someone else. Take 15 minutes and call a friend you haven't talked to in a while. This will help take your mind off whatever's stressing you, or you can ask for their advice on your issues and get things from an alternate perspective.

    5) Write Your Stressor A Letter

    If whatever happens to be stressing you isn't something that you feel all that comfortable sharing with someone else, then writing a letter to that stressor could be just what you need. As silly as it may sound, sometimes simply getting words down on paper is the best stress busting strategy there is.

    Don't hold anything back. Just give yourself 10 minutes and write as much as you can – whatever comes to mind. You'll feel instantly better afterwards.

    6) Dance

    Another great way to beat stress is to dance. Dancing is great exercise for the entire body and will definitely loosen you up and improve your mood. Again, turn to your favorite music to help with the process.

    Turn it up loud and dance around your living room for 10-15 minutes. It doesn't take long to do but will definitely have an impact on how you feel.

    7) Take 10 Deep Breaths And Visualize

    If you're feeling very overwhelmed in the situation and that's what's causing the stress, consider taking 10 deep breaths. This will help to get more oxygen into the body and produce a calming response on your mind.

    In addition to doing this, sit and visualize for five minutes what life will be like when you achieve your goal. Think about how confident you'll feel and how proud of yourself you'll be. Get that feeling and then keep it there. Chances are you won't want food after that.

    8) Turn Online

    If you're someone who likes to connect to others about fitness and dieting and feel that would help ease your stress and worries, consider turning online for support. Some people don't have close friends or family who are into living healthy, so getting this kind of support in person can be difficult.

    Make use of a good chat room or online forum and build some connections with others who are going through similar experiences as you are.

    9) Go For A Long Drive

    Another great way to beat stress is to simply get out and go for a long drive. Many people find this process to be highly soothing as it lets their mind wander and work out some of the problems you're facing.

    At times, simply removing yourself from the situation and whatever is stressing you can do just the trick to get you past this hurdle. Plus, you don't have food in your car so it prevents you from stress eating.

    10) Make A List Of Positives

    Another quick and simple thing that you can do during times of stress or other emotional distress is to make a list of all the positive things in your life. Many people simply take for granted all the good they do have going for them so this can turn your attention to those things.

    Once you see this, you'll be in a more positive frame of mind and more equipped to handle that stress you're feeling in a good manner.

    11) Play With A Child

    Finally, last but not least, consider playing with a child. There's nothing like seeing the joy and carelessness that a child brings to help ease some of your own stress and help you forget about it for a while.

    If you don't have a young child yourself or have friends with children, consider volunteering to work with kids. Even doing this once per week can have very positive benefits for your own life – plus you'll be giving back to others.

    So next time you find yourself reaching for that pint of ice cream or that box of cookies, consider one of these alternative strategies instead.

Daily Check-In

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  • queenofmean44 2033 days ago
    This is going to be hard. All I can do is 1 day at a time
  • Valem0508 2631 days ago
    I did meditation already.
    So happy :)
  • Valem0508 2632 days ago
    I need these so much I'm always stressed
  • Asteinke1 2680 days ago
    Played with my adorable niece
  • Asteinke1 2682 days ago
    Worked out and spent time reflecting :)
  • CCChrn 2692 days ago
    Took a nap. Best stress relief I've found
  • 01kimbo 2708 days ago
    Went to the gym and did 4 miles in an hour. Feeling much better!
  • LauraR 2711 days ago
    Laughing with friends
  • Michelle2010 2748 days ago
    My day off and there will be a nap involved
  • Michelle2010 2749 days ago
    Break time playing a game
  • Michelle2010 2750 days ago
    Took a longer shower to give myself time for a deep breath or two
  • Michelle2010 2751 days ago
    I have taken time to sit and take deep breaths
  • Pattirou 2777 days ago
    This whole day has been a relaxing one!!!
  • MKeller 2777 days ago
    Spent the day with my BFF
  • MKeller 2780 days ago
    Talked with a friend. Helped
  • Riko 2883 days ago
    Watering Meyer and Bearrs, admiring the new growth.
  • Riko 2885 days ago
    Stretched out on back deck lounge and read when I got home before plunging into life maintenance chores.
  • Riko 2887 days ago
    Did 8-mile bike ride to next further train station.
  • Mstar 2911 days ago
    I used stress releasing cream at bath and body works.
  • Mstar 2912 days ago
    Relaxed on the beach.

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