• Replace Coffee with Tea

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    What to do: Replace coffee with unsweetened tea everyday for the next 7 days

Daily Check-In

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  • JessTWJLS 3068 days ago
    Just starting, here we go! :/
  • Bittly 3114 days ago
    No coffee today. I feel great!
  • kac038 3117 days ago
    Lived off of coffee last semester, it's time to get back to not needing caffeine so much
  • Blondie 3175 days ago
    I don't drink coffee anyway
  • Bell 3223 days ago
    No coffee again- green tea
  • Bell 3229 days ago
    Replaced coffee with tea. Woohoo!!
  • muskata87 3272 days ago
    I don't even like coffee, so this gonna be incredibly easy :)
  • ACGheen 3282 days ago
    Tea and cider today. Only a mild headache.
  • ACGheen 3283 days ago
    Blew it. Got a caffeine headache. Gotta start over.
  • ACGheen 3286 days ago
    Peach green tea this morning. Smells nice!
  • sunrose 3349 days ago
    tea...no sugar ...and lots of water!
  • Miss viper 3354 days ago
    Now taking tea with no sugar at all.
  • Miss viper 3356 days ago
    Getting used to the tea without sugar, it's not so bad now.
  • Miss viper 3358 days ago
    Getting used to tea with no sugar is hard >.<
  • Miss viper 3358 days ago
    I don't drink coffee often but I normally have my tea with one sugar in it so my challenge is having tea with no sugar!
  • JMAHudson 3417 days ago
    I've already started this this morning, here we go!
  • DreamWarrior 3460 days ago
    The caffeine withdrawal is over!!!! Hallelujah!!!!
  • Domestic Goddess 3483 days ago
    I had coffee tiday :-(
  • tsygan 3487 days ago
    green iced tea is one of my favs!
  • Domestic Goddess 3487 days ago
    Yogitea instead of coffee :-)

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