• Replace Juice with Tea

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    What to do: Replace juice with unsweetened tea everyday for the next 7 days

    If you're looking for a quick tip to help you see faster success with your weight loss program, this challenge is for you. Your mission this time is to replace all the juice you're drinking with tea instead.

    Why take this challenge? Let's look at the reasons.

    1. Why Juice Is A No-No For Weight Loss And Maintenance

    The very first reason to forgo juice when on a diet plan is because juice is going to cause you to run up your daily calorie intake in a hurry. Juice is loaded with simple sugars and will pack in far more calories than a piece of real fruit would, making it difficult to reach your weight loss target.

    What's more is that since these calories are coming from sugar, they'll produce an insulin spike followed by crash. This will leave you very hungry for more food. It's an ongoing cycle that's difficult to get out of once you start.

    2. Why Tea Is Smarter

    Tea is a much healthier option because it's completely calorie free, it contains no added sugars, and many varieties of tea also offer health benefits.

    If you choose to have Green tea, you'll get powerful antioxidants working in your body that will help to boost your defence against cancer. Additionally, Green tea can help to enhance your metabolic rate as well, making fat loss that much easier.

    3. Which Teas To Choose

    Any green tea will work perfectly for this challenge, whether it's straight green tea or fruit flavored green tea. If you'd prefer not to go with green tea, then fruit herbal teas work great, as does chamomile tea as well.

    When serving up your tea, just be sure that you don't add extra sugar to sweeten it. This would effectively make it just as bad as the fruit juice was, taking away from the benefits this challenge is going to bring you.

    Instead, sweeten it with a little Stevia or try adding a slice of lemon instead for a totally different and unique flavor. Some people may also want to consider adding a cinnamon stick as well if that's a flavor preference that you have.

    So stop with the fruit juice already. It's just as bad for your health as soda and will not move you any closer to your goal weight.

Daily Check-In

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  • tacelle 1950 days ago
    Drank tea today and making it part of my water requirement.
  • Anna.Williams 2651 days ago
    If tea was a food group it would be at the top of my food good pyramid getting fanned by palm leaves and giving the others orders
  • patrickrazo 2677 days ago
    Just starting this today. Wish me luck guys.
  • Bmarshallrosenberg 2746 days ago
    Nothing but water, green tea, and skim milk today.
  • Nik88 2780 days ago
    Started today with my 1st glass of green tea!
  • Kassidy_amber 2794 days ago
    I had tea today but I put a lot of sugar and honey in it
  • Trinalucky 2822 days ago
    Gonna start tomorrow but don't really drink juice so gonna swap my ice coffee for tea or water
  • Elaine_59 2830 days ago
    Replaced. My juice with water
  • Mothusi 2852 days ago
    Had a cup of tea without sugar.
  • Patti68 2854 days ago
    Prefer tea over juice
  • Patti68 2855 days ago
    Drank tea with dinner and lunch
  • DL42 2857 days ago
    I only drink plain tea so this shouldn't be too hard. Now I need to get my head in the game for the other challenges!
  • Aakins 2863 days ago
    Water and plain unsweetened tea today. Not bad.
  • SandraN95 2881 days ago
    I love tea so the biggest challenge here is to drink my tea with no added sugars. I'm replacing the sugar with lemon and I'm enjoying it very much!
  • Forever_blussh 2886 days ago
    Drank on cup of tea this morning nd evening
  • Grace_SD 2889 days ago
    I'm a tea drinker...don't drink juice or soda...just water/tea
  • Bluelover519 2892 days ago
    I have not drink any juice in flack I don't like juice so
  • Runningfree56 2895 days ago
    Just had water instead
  • Sheikhahashim 2900 days ago
    Have not drank any juice today.
  • mlpkid 2908 days ago
    My new fav is black tea with lemon

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