• Replace Soda Challenge

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    What to do: Replace all soda with tea, water, or coffee (unsweetened) for the next 7 days.

    Now that you’re deciding to get rid of soda from your diet plan, it’s time to take a look at some alternative options that you could be having to replace the soda that you may be craving.

    Remember, the longer you go without having that soda, the less intense your cravings will be. It may seem like it’s the opposite right now – the longer you go, the more you want the soda, but keep pushing through it.

    In a short amount of time those cravings will lessen. It’s always easier to stop a bad habit by replacing it with a new habit instead, so let’s look at some alternate beverages to consume.

    Seltzer Water

    If it’s the fizzy element of soda that you desire, try some seltzer water. As long as you purchase one that isn’t flavored so completely sugar free, these won’t provide any calories to your diet and will also help to hydrate you very well.

    They’ll tickle your throat and give you the same sensation you’d have if you were drinking that soda.

    Water With Lemon

    If you prefer water with more taste, try adding a slice of lemon or lime. This is a very good way to make it easier to down your 8-10 cups per day and won’t add any calories to the beverage either.

    If it’s a sweet taste that you crave, consider adding a few slices of watermelon instead. This actually produces a very nice flavor that you’re sure to enjoy.

    Iced Green Tea

    If you want to hydrate and boost your health at the same time, go for some iced green tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and will actually boost your metabolic rate slightly, making fat loss that much easier.

    Green tea doesn’t contain any calories either but will contain a small dose of caffeine to provide a little extra energy through the day. It doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee though, so a better option for sensitive individuals.


    If you want something a little more satisfying to drink, milk is a terrific option. Studies have shown that those who do include dairy products in their diet tend to notice better fat loss from the abdominal region, so if for no other reason, drink milk because of this.

    Milk will also provide some protein as well, which will help to keep your hunger levels down until your next meal.

    Blended Fruit Smoothie

    Finally, the last option is to prepare your own blended fruit smoothie. To make this, combine half a cup of milk with half a cup of frozen fruit. Add in a half scoop of protein powder and four to five ice cubes. Some vanilla extract can also be added if desired.

    Blend together in a blender until a shake-like consistency is reached and serve immediately. You really don’t have to feel restricted as you cut soda out of your plan, just be smart with some replacements.

Daily Check-In

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  • villabromez 935 days ago
    day 1, coffee and lemon water only
  • docwade003 1190 days ago
    Drinking coffee now. Will have green tea with my lunch.
  • Ryu.Eien 1853 days ago
    Day one without soda, got my HUGE 52oz mug'o'water right here, think this'll go smoothly.
  • Juls60 1923 days ago
    Day 4 of no Soda. No cravings today.
  • Esperfect 1929 days ago
    My first day. Fingers crossed, Dr P has been my friend for years.
  • Michelle2098 1931 days ago
    No soda today. Brewed iced tea instead. :)
  • Pypet 1987 days ago
    So today is my first day on the website and my first day starting this challenge. I don't usually drink enough liquids so I decided to change what I do drink to water and see how it goes.
  • Mopiere 2003 days ago
    It's been a while since I didn't drink soda, trying to keep this up!
  • mardy14 2036 days ago
    I had water with my breakfast and lunch today instead of soda.
  • Ilovepurple0001 2040 days ago
    I am drinking water. I had three serving as of 5.55 pm. I do enjoy water with lemon it's much more refreshing; I think.
  • Violette27 2105 days ago
    Its pretty easy for me...right now.
  • kalipzo 2179 days ago
    drinking green tea this morning
  • DonnaSue 2268 days ago
    I should be OK I have been dieting for 5 days and left it behind.
  • norachula55 2288 days ago
    Not a problem, I drink sun tea, water, water with lemon and fruit juices. My favorite is coconut water and aloe juice.
  • UndefeatedLegend 2290 days ago
    I lost 36lbs two years ago with regular diet and exercise. But the key to my immediate results was definitely cutting out soda!
  • zompreacher 2304 days ago
    Okay, this shouldn't be terrifying
  • Trumpetatoes 2334 days ago
    I am brewing a giant pot of green tea as I type.
  • riderdieb 2335 days ago
    This will be a challenge but I know I can do it
  • bstick 2336 days ago
    Won't be a problem I don't drink soda at all :).
  • Chickentootle 2403 days ago
    This is really hard because I love dr pepper and man dew and I think that's where most of my weight is coming from. But I know I can do this!

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