• Slow Down Challenge

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    This was a giveaway challenge. The winner will be emailed on April 14th, and will win a Cuisinart Slow Cooker

    What to do: Slow down doing 1 thing everyday

    In today's world, busy seems to be the trend. Most people hardly have two minutes to sit down and relax. And even when we're still, we play with our cell phones.

    Sure, you can live this way for a few days, even a few months. But it'll eventually have a toll on your overall health and well-being. It leads to burn-out, and drains your willpower. Which eventually leads us to miss that workout, or emotional eating. Before we know it, we've forgotten about our diet and fitness goals.

    So this week's challenge is to slow down for a week. Pick 1 thing everyday, whether it's eating, exercising, walking, cooking, and just do it slowly, and mindfully.

    Here are some ways you can slow down your life.

    Eat Slowly

    One way to slow down your life is to eat slowly. Put your fork down between bites of food. If you keep shoveling food into your mouth, you're likely to take in more calories than you need.

    Second, make sure you turn off the TV before each meal. So many people eat in front of the TV, consuming their meal so fast they hardly remember how it taste.

    Work Slowly

    Second, make sure that you're stopping to breathe regularly. Especially at work when you feel like you have a million and one things on the go. Take a few minutes each hour to just take 4-5 deep breaths in and out.

    Before you answer that phone call, stop for a few seconds, clear your mind, then answer it.

    Exercise Slowly

    Next time you hit the gym for your workout session, focus 100% on proper form while doing your warm-up set.

    Many people start developing very bad habits with their form and this puts you at risk for injury.

    Think about each movement you're making while using a lighter weight. Once you have good form, you can increase the weight load and push yourself further.

    Lastly, after you finish an intense workout session, do some light stretching. Stretching is great because it'll reduce muscle soreness, while bringing your heart rate back down to normal.

    Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds for best results.

    Commute Slowly

    If you often rush off to work and become incredibly stressed as you fight traffic, find a more scenic route to take. Leave 10 minutes earlier so you have zero stress and can enjoy yourself.

    You'll arrive ready to start your day cool, calm, and collected.

    End The Day Slowly

    Finally, the last way to slow down your life is to take five minutes before you go to bed and visualize success. This could be success with sticking to your diet, success with completing a workout, or success giving the work presentation you've been nervous about.

    Simply close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus on the outcome you want to have happen.

    The next time you're in a rush, keep these tips in mind. Even if it's Monday morning, and you're late to work :)

Daily Check-In

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  • skinny93 2599 days ago
    I did my Geology homework slowly :)
  • skinny93 2601 days ago
    Today has been a relaxing day going for a run later :)
  • skinny93 2602 days ago
    I always eat slowly :)
  • Wishitaway 2796 days ago
    Finishing barn stuff at night
  • Michelle2010 2876 days ago
    Went slower at work today and actually finished ahead of schedule
  • Michelle2010 2877 days ago
    Didn't work as fast at work but found a steady pace
  • Legend-ary 3096 days ago
    More relaxation releases and eases all my pressure
  • 529melinda 3125 days ago
    Driving the speed limit (or under) today...
  • 529melinda 3173 days ago
    will enjoy my wall between bldgs today, not rushing to them
  • Avovocado 3185 days ago
    This is hard after a while! I keep trying to reach for my phone, computer, book... and then stopping my hand halfway haha. I'm eating without distractions, though!
  • Kimchowww 3249 days ago
    Walked to training slowly!
  • wahiiba 3280 days ago
    Picked a bad week for this, end of uni semester! Tried to slow down and read for a while
  • wahiiba 3282 days ago
    Lay down and watched a movie
  • wahiiba 3283 days ago
    Not consciously, but had a relaxed dinner with family
  • wahiiba 3286 days ago
    Today was a slow day anyway because I was on a mini-break
  • rinnok 3328 days ago
    Will be taking a slow walk around the block
  • Yourcookie 3384 days ago
    Take it one day at a time
  • Yourcookie 3385 days ago
    One thing at a time :) I have been very productive
  • Yourcookie 3387 days ago
    Took it easy stressing over cleaning
  • Davebarakian@gmail.com 3393 days ago

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