• Swap a Vice Food

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    What to do: Pick an unhealthy snack or food you indulge in, and eat a healthier alternative for the next 7 days.

    As you get started with your diet program, one of the most difficult things that you'll have to start doing is forgoing some of your favorite food items.

    Whether it's chips, chocolate, pancakes on the weekend, or pizza on a Friday night when you're watching a movie or the big game with your buddies, now that you're geared on achieving optimal health and weight loss results, these foods simply can't stay in the plan.

    As a result, you're going to be dealing with some food cravings. This is natural and normal so take comfort in knowing this is to be expected.

    To help combat this problem, your job is to swap a problem or vice food with a healthier alternative. Cutting something out is incredibly difficult. Replacing something with something else – now that's easier.

    So this is just what you're going to do.

    Let's give you some quick ideas to get you started.

    1. Swap Potato Chips For Trail Mix

    Potato chips are rich in unhealthy fats, loaded with carbs, and high in sodium. Trail mix, on the other hand, will provide a nice blend of healthy fats, protein, and fiber.

    2. Exchange Cream Cheese For Peanut Butter

    Always smear on a few tablespoons of cream cheese at breakfast? Go for peanut butter instead. The fat profile is the same and both will still provide you with the same creamy taste you're after.

    3. Turkey Burgers Are In, Hamburgers Are Out

    If you can kick your craving for a burger, try a turkey burger instead. Ground turkey meat is loaded with protein, low in fat, and will help you reach your muscle building goals.

    What are your idea of vices to swap? Share them below.

Daily Check-In

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  • glutenful 559 days ago
    I'm swapping my red wine for tea on weeknights (Sunday through Thursday).
  • dsweightloss 1063 days ago
    Swapping morning bagel or clif bar for steel cut oatmeal. Let's do this!
  • Juls60 1791 days ago
    Cleaned out my cabinets, fridge and freezer 2 weeks ago. Gave to daughters family. No more fast food as of Wed.
  • Ilovepurple0001 1909 days ago
    Awesome; not easy; but due-able.
  • amy83031 2336 days ago
    Swap candy bar for protien bar.
  • skinny93 2471 days ago
    yesterday I had a little slip but today is just going to be alcohol either way I'm going to do the diet till I drink.
  • skinny93 2472 days ago
    Been doing so good with the diet :)
  • skinny93 2473 days ago
    Been doing good with the diet which in really happy about :)
  • skinny93 2474 days ago
    Been pin-point in the diet
  • skinny93 2475 days ago
    No granola or sugary stuff :)
  • skinny93 2476 days ago
    I know It sounds ridiculous but my latest obsession has been homemade granola and it's been so tempting to cheat on my "low-sugar diet".. I'll try today to not binge in granola :)
  • MusicMutt 2586 days ago
    Apple instead of s'mores at lunch
  • MusicMutt 2587 days ago
    Fruit for s'more at lunch
  • MusicMutt 2589 days ago
    Swapped out pork sausage patty for yogurt, sliced almonds and Cheerios!
  • MusicMutt 2590 days ago
    Swapped candy for pineapple at lunch.
  • MusicMutt 2591 days ago
    Instead of Diet Mt Dew drank Diet Natural Lemonade with real, fresh squeezed lemon juice!
  • Colemanjess 2636 days ago
    Been drinkin a lot more juice.
  • lindalea 2644 days ago
    I am going to trade my crackers for pastachios
  • Monikao 2656 days ago
    Orange instead of nature valley granola bar
  • Klaudia 2667 days ago
    Donut - 2 small pickles!!!

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