• Tea for 14 days

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    What to do: Have a glass of tea every day for the next 2 weeks.

    Number of Points: +1400

Daily Check-In

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  • Swagner 3055 days ago
    Green tea from China...Xia-Xia, Qian!!! :)
  • Swagner 3057 days ago
    Russian Imperial Choice
  • Swagner 3058 days ago
    Russian Imperial Choice tea
  • Swagner 3059 days ago
    Green tea from Russia! Ochen spaceeba! :)
  • Swagner 3060 days ago
    Russian blueberry iced tea :)
  • direwolfbarb 3234 days ago
    Started my day with tea.
  • mippa 3395 days ago
    Melon oolong! Almost out of it! ;A;
  • mippa 3396 days ago
    I was about to make this one for myself!
  • Leelo 3495 days ago
    Tea is good with tons of lemon!
  • lqboren 3500 days ago
    My 2 liters for the day is ready and as always no sweetener added (I have always thought it made it taste like plastic).
  • lqboren 3502 days ago
    Love tea from black to green and all kinds in between.
  • jdp 3510 days ago
    Should be easy points. I have tea with breakfast and after dinner every day.
  • Pendragon 3522 days ago
    Chugging another thermos-full of tea for another day!
  • Pendragon 3523 days ago
    Drank a whole thermos-full!
  • Pendragon 3524 days ago
    Drank four cups today!

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