• Walks After Lunch

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    What to do: For the next 5 days, take a 15 minute walk outside during your lunch hour

    The challenge you're going to tackle this time is adding more walking into your day. When most people think of exercise, they think of very intense forms of exercise that demand a high degree of energy and effort.

    They don't think that walking could ever 'count'. The great news is that it can and it can make a big difference in the results that you see. The trick is to get into a regular habit of adding more walking to your day. Every little bit will add up and over time, will produce noticeable results.

    Let's look at why we've created this challenge for you today.

    1. Walking – The Perfect Form Of Exercise

    The first reason why we've chosen walking as our challenge is because this could very well be the most perfect form of exercise. Anyone can do it – fitness master or basic beginner, and it's very low impact so if you have any joint pain or other problems, it shouldn't interfere with these.

    In addition to this, walking will get all the major muscles in the lower body movement and if you pump your arms fast enough as you move throughout the workout session, you'll get some upper body recruitment in there as well.

    2. Easy Ways To Get Walking In

    To help get more walking in, think outside the box. This doesn't have to be taking a walk first thing in the morning or immediately after lunch. While doing 15 minutes at both of those times during the day is a great way to get started, don't overlook other times when you can get more activity in.

    This could be walking to the furthest bathroom away from you while at work, walking to check the mail instead of driving, walking to pick up a movie rather than ordering one right from your TV, or walking while you talk with a friend rather than grabbing coffee.

    Walk everywhere that you can. This is one of the most powerful age-reducing secrets available and will also help to boost your cardiovascular fitness level and lower body strength.

Daily Check-In

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  • Tommie 3037 days ago
    Walked inside. Looked a little stormy out.
  • Tommie 3038 days ago
    Walked 15 minutes today. It is beautiful outside.
  • Tink929 3215 days ago
    37 min and 2.4 miles!! Challenge complete!
  • ZomboidHell 3297 days ago
    gotta get back into the walking routine...fell out of it during the 100 degree heatwave and never got back to it...
  • fmfblogger 3312 days ago
    It's stupid how if I don't participate in these challenges, I don't do the activity. But knowing I can check in and get points actually "makes" me do them. Hopefully I can develop some subconscious consistency as a result.
  • jnuttall 3332 days ago
    I brought my walking shoes to work today.
  • RBlatchley 3339 days ago
    I do this every day...
  • Nikkibod2 3342 days ago
    I like this challenge, but I seem to be the only one here!
  • Nikkibod2 3370 days ago
    Still walking in the rain !!
  • flyersgirl4118 3372 days ago
    Working from home but got on the treadmill for 25 minutes between conference calls.
  • hajpaj78 3373 days ago
    A very rainy 20 minutes. Ha! Take that laziness!
  • G33kEmpress 3377 days ago
    Had a lovely walk before breakfast this morning :)
  • G33kEmpress 3378 days ago
    This is a great challenge. I might have to join it again once I finish. It pushes me to get out there.
  • G33kEmpress 3379 days ago
    After getting off my night shift, I didn't manage to walk too much... or so I thought. But then I remembered I went shopping earlier. That's half an hour of leisurely walking -- plus, I park far :)
  • Silverfire 3380 days ago
    Walked before and after lunch

  • Silverfire 3381 days ago
    Instead of surfing the web on my breaks, I went for two 15 minutes walks!
  • Nikkibod2 3382 days ago
    Sun shining - warming up at last.
  • Ekots 3383 days ago
    Rainy Saturday, so I hopped on the treadmill and managed 30 minutes.
  • mcvick 3386 days ago
    37 minutes and 2 miles on lunch
  • hajpaj78 3387 days ago
    Been doing this for over 2 weeks, but it's still a really huge challenge for me.

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