How many calories are in Carrabba's Italian Grill House Salad


Per Serving

Number of Calories: Based on 1 salad serving

  • Calories: 45
  • Fat: 5g
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Protein: 0g

Nutritional Value and Information

  • How many calories are in 1 serving?

    At 45 calories (0 kilojoules), 1 serving has around the same amt of calories as 1.15 cups of vegetable mix, 9.0 medium green onions (chopped), and 9.0 tsp minced garlic.

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  • How many carbs are in 1 serving?

    0% of your daily recommended value of carbs will be filled by this specific serving size. Having a insubstantial quantity of carbs containing 0 g for every 600 calories, it is around the same quantity as parmesan cheese, herring and havarti cheese. This item has less carbs than about 100% of all foods in our database. Similarly, this item has a miniscule amt of carbs compared to foods in its food group. Here, just 0% of other foods in this food group have a lower carbs/calories ratio.

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    Alternatives: House Salad (Carrabba's Italian Grill), Grilled Shrimp Skewer Salad (Applebee's), Caesar Side Salad (Boston Market)

  • How much protein are in 1 serving?

    With a protein/calorie ratio of 0%, this item has a meager level of protein (it has the same amount as foods like honey, white wine and fish oil). Only 0% of all foods in our database have a lower ratio of protein to calories. Similarly, this specific food has a tiny amt of protein compared to foods in its food group. Here, within its own food group, this specific food has less protein than around 100% of other foods. 0% of your recommended limit per day will be met by 1 serving.

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    Alternatives: BBQ Chicken Salad (Trader Joe's), Organic Broccoli Slaw (Nature's Promise), Kid's Chicken Caesar Salad (Uno Chicago Grill)