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Hcg Diet Roasted Asparagus recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Asparagus - Raw (100.0 g)
  2. Minced Garlic (1.0 cup)
  3. Black Pepper (1.0 dash)
  4. Sea Salt (1.0 dash)
  5. Lemon Grated Rind (0.5 tbsp)
  6. Dried Parsley (0.5 tbsp)
  7. Dried Oregano (0.25 tbsp)


If you’re looking for a healthy recipe for Asparagus that will keep coming back for more, then this recipe is worth the try.

  • First, preheat your oven to 400 degrees F and make sure that a rack is placed on the center of the oven.
  • Leave the oven for a while to warm it up. Then get the Asparagus and start washing each one of them to remove any dirt particles that may be found in the tips or stuck to the stalks.
  • Start trimming them by breaking the rough ends off of the asparagus. It should be removed because it is fibrous and not good to eat.

    To easily do this, just grasp the bottom and twist until it breaks. Let it break at a natural cracking point as close to the cut end as possible. Take note that the position of each stalk is not always the same, but this will assure that all your asparagus will be tender.

    Set aside the washed asparagus and set aside the rough ends that were cut off since these won’t be included in our recipe anymore.
  • Grab a sheet pan and cover it with aluminum foil. Put some olive oil on the pan. Get one asparagus and put at least 1 tablespoon of olive oil on it. Rub it to equally distribute the oil on the asparagus.

    Do this until all of your asparagus are covered with olive oil. (You can also roll the asparagus on the pan with olive oil and rub each against each other until they are all coated with oil.
  • Arrange the asparagus in the sheet pan in a single layer. Season it with minced garlic, sea salt, and black pepper, and then mix thoroughly.
  • Place the pan with oil coated asparagus into the oven and make sure the asparagus are given enough space on the pan covered with aluminum foil.
  • Roast for approximately15-20 minutes. Get the roasted asparagus from the oven and put them on a plate. Add the lemon grated rind, dried parsley, and dried oregano to finish the plating process.
  • Note: You might be required to cook this Roasted Asparagus Recipe at 380 or 425 degrees F depending on your oven.

    If you desire to get the supreme flavor, you can roast the asparagus until the bottom side is brown and until it caramelized the natural sugars in the vegetable.
  • Tips:

    Oven roasted asparagus is one of the many ways of bringing out the flavors in an ingredient without putting much effort on it. One more thing that makes this recipe stand out is that

    Asparagus is not only a delightful ingredient to any main dish; it is also known to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

    You can also marinate the asparagus with olive oil, minced garlic, black pepper, sea salt, and lemon zest and leave it overnight in your refrigerator.

    Then roast the asparagus and sprinkle with parsley and oregano or you can also add lemon vinaigrette before serving.

    Roasting variations: Roasting the asparagus until its color changes from medium green to dark green will result in tender and crisp texture.

    If you still continue to roast it until its color changes to light brown, your asparagus will be syrupy with intensified flavor, and lastly if you continue to roast until the asparagus are dehydrated, the result is a chewy and blackened asparagus.

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