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Dukan Diet Dill Yogurt Dip recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Lowfat Plain Yogurt (0.5 8 oz container)
  2. Dill (Fresh) (1.0 Tbspn)
  3. Garlic (2.0 clove)
  4. Salt (1.0 dash)
  5. White Pepper (0.5 tsp)


Dill and yogurt go so well together. The aromatic dill complements the tangy flavors of yogurt. This is one dip that I make often. Use it for chips or even use it as a marinade for chicken dishes. It’s simply delicious.

  • It doesn’t take a genius to create this recipe. Even a child can do this dish.
  • First step is to prepare and measure all ingredients as indicated in the recipe above.
  • Use plain yogurt for this recipe. Don’t use flavoured yogurt as the additional flavour usually makes the yogurt sweet and lose some of its tanginess.
  • Flavored yogurt also comes in different colors. White yogurt is best for this dip. The white color of the yogurt speckled by the bright green colors from the dill makes the dip really appetizing.
  • Use fresh dill for this recipe. While dried dill can be used, the color is not as vibrant as fresh dill and it’s just simply healthier to eat fresh.
  • Mince the garlic or better yet mush the garlic into a paste. It would be a bit unpleasant to bite into a garlic while using the dip so make them really small.
  • Garlic paste is pretty easy to make so take the time to learn the skill and you will definitely be rewarded. You can use this technique not only for dips for flavouring sauces and mayonnaise as well.
  • In a mixing bowl, simply pour half a cup of non fat plain yogurt, a tablespoon worth of fresh dill leaves, and garlic paste from 2 cloves of garlic.
  • Mix the mixture until all ingredients are well combined.
  • Taste the dip and season it with salt and pepper as necessary. It would be best to use white pepper so your dip won’t end up with black specks. However, if you don’t have white pepper, black pepper will do.
  • Pour your dip in an air tight container and refrigerate it until ready to use.
  • You’ll for surely love this dip and I won’t be surprised if you make it over and over again. It can also be used as sauce for barbeques and even used as marinade.
  • The key to this dish is to use yogurt that you like. If you don't like the taste of the yogurt that you used then for sure, you wouldn't like the dip as well. Make sure you get yogurt that you normally use.
  • Bon appetit!

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