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Early Adopters
This is the group for early adopters and beta testers. It will turn to a private group once we hit 1000 users.

SlimKicker Women
This is the group for all women on our site, of all ages.

SlimKicker Men
This is the group for all men on our site, of all ages.

Always Trust a Skinny Chef
What's up with that old saying: "Never trust a skinny chef?" This group is for Chefs, at home cooks, or anyone who wants to learn some healthy ways of cooking. Full of recipes, images, and even videos posted by me, Chef Marie CM, or by others! 70% of a

Rhino Runners
This a a group for people who love to run even though they may not fit the profile of a "traditional" runner.

Rhino Runners
This group is for men and women who love to run but do not necessarily fit the profile of a "traditional" runner.

This group is for those who love bodybuilding

Drinkers and Stay-in-shapers
This group is for people who like to hit the bars or have friends over for a few beers/cocktails, but still maintain their exercise regimens and look great

200+ to lose (Private)
Group for those in the super morbidly obese category with over 200 pounds to lose. We can support each other through the unique struggles of our current condition.

Women with Babies and Children (Private)
This a group for women with babies and children. Any ages. Please no drama and enjoy yourselves.

ItWorks Users (Private)
Specifically for ItWorks users to share their stories and progress.

Fit Mamas
This is an encouragement group for moms of all ages trying to fight the battle of the baby bulge. Let's get fit and then stay fit for ourselves, our families, and our kids!

Roliana (Private)
Forum for members of Roliana.

This group is for members who have type1, LADA/1.5, type2, or type3/typeAwesome Diabetes and are members of SlimKicker! :) We can get our sweatbetes on and track it here, as well as nutrition, and create new challenges!

Is facebook really not your thing? Do you find yourself on WoW or SWTOR? Does netspeek make your eyes bleed even though you can translate it? You are welcome here!

Slimkickin' Yoga
For Yoga lovers of all types from beginner to advanced

Commit to Fit Online
Commit to fit online is an (you guessed it) online group, that meets every tuesday at 8pm pacific time. This group is held in webinar format so you can sit back relax and learn a ton about how our bodies best rid themselves of fat! A new simple habit is

30 Day Challenge Group
This group is to help introduce everyone to SlimKicker and to motivate our participants to make healthy choices in their lives.

Team Nashville, Tennessee
People who live in nashville