a limit on strength training?

  • 3379 days ago

    Jaime Level 11
    I am a little frustrated that I cannot log all my exercise for today. I started to log all of my sets as individual exercises because I felt that if I was doing 160 kettlebell squats in my class I should get more that 20 points, but it has apparently put a cap on the number of activities I can do for strength training. Even if I were to combine all of my sets, I still did more than the 'allowed' activities. I feel like I have been gypted out of credit for a difficult kettlebell class!

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  • 3374 days ago

    Yeah, I ran into that, too. Sometimes I like to do a full-body workout all at once. And the sort of thing that I've developed over the years will do that, without over-doing. But I have to log one exercise at a time, since I haven't learned or found what I do in the catalog. Before I even get done with part of it, it stops me. lol So I just don't log the rest.

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