Any tips for strengthening knees?

  • 3328 days ago

    Surreal Level 2
    My knees have never been all that great. Around the first of the year they got really bad and I had to trade dress shoes for sneakers with big cushioned insoles.

    I have improved a lot since then, but I'm not 100%. I am wanting to start exercising but I am still worried about the old knees - any suggestions on how I can strengthen them so I can exercise (and live everyday) without causing myself problems?


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  • 3327 days ago

    I recommend you try Plyometrics (jump training). This type of exercise helped me a lot to gain strength not only in my knees, but in the leg as a whole. Try it little by little, since it will require cardio as well.

    Check out youtube videos for Plyo training or if you can get a hand for the P90x ones, those are the best.

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  • 3327 days ago

    I agree with "wimaya" that Plyometrics are pretty good. I would recommend staying away from high impact exercise like running until your knees can handle it.

    For me, cycling helps a lot and it's low impact for knees. Also hiking up and down hills. If you do jumping routines, do low heights... the "up" is great but you have to be careful on the "down". Again, you want low impact until your knees get strong.

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  • 3323 days ago

    Hi Surreal,

    I've started with "You are your own gym", a book on calisthenics. I found that some excercises like 1-legged romanian dead lift work some stabilizing muscles in my knees pretty well.

    Without more background on what kind of pain, it's hard to provide advice on what may help.

    Best of luck,


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  • 3322 days ago

    Do you have access to a pool? Swimming is low impact and full body cardio. Also stretching the muscles calves, glutes, thighs, etc has helped reduce my knee pain

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  • 3301 days ago

    Tai Chi :)

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  • 3280 days ago

    I gotta agree with the pool thing...I was hit by a train a few years back and it really messed up one of my knees ...and since then the other one has deteriorated because it now takes most of the beating , I have found that pool sprints are great for getting my knees the exercise they need.

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  • 3176 days ago

    Squats below parallel to strengthen the surrounding musculature and tendons. Lunges if quad strength is an issue, deadlifts and RDLs to work the posterior chain.

    I would also look into glucosamine/MSM supplementation, try it for a few weeks to see if you are a responder. High dose fish oil can help with joint comfort as well.

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