Anybody in Minnesota on Medifast?

  • 3193 days ago

    Bella Level 1
    Anyone out here from Minnesota?.

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  • 3192 days ago

    You Betcha! Hi Brenda..


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  • 3183 days ago

    Yup. I'm from Minnesota too!.

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  • 3183 days ago

    Do any of you go to a clinic?? or just online??.

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  • 3175 days ago

    Everything online for me..

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  • 3173 days ago

    Steven Fitness trainer
    I've been going to the Apple Valley office/clinic since June 2010. Their staff is great! I've learned a lot from them about maintaining a healthy, positive weightloss strategy..

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  • 3172 days ago

    PERFECT!! that is where I go!! If you ever want to talk or start a user group, I would love to do it!! what do you think? This Wednesday will be my 2nd week on the plan, the staff is GREAT!!.

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  • 3163 days ago

    My parents are in Minnesota, and they're the ones who got me started (and their Minnesota friends got them started....

    And....G-d willing, I'll be moving to Minnesota next year, if I get into my grad program at UM. :-D.

    I live in NYC right now, and I think this blizzard is just trying to prepare me for next winter!.

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  • 3160 days ago

    Yah sure, I go to Apple Valley too!.

    I called today to cancel my weigh in until ThursdayI told CJ I needed to poop and pee a little bit more!.

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  • 3153 days ago

    I'm also in MN.

    I'm online only though..

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  • 3152 days ago

    I'm also in Minnesota - live in the Apple Valley area, but have been doing on-line. Hello to all you south of the river MF's!!.

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  • 3147 days ago

    Hey maybe we can have a Medifast get-together sometime! Everyone could bring their least favorite Medifast products to swap... I know I'm not supposed to say that but too bad!.

    I am not in the cities but I do go there a lot..

    I don't do the clinic but I did go to the AV clinic once to buy some Medifast products. It was a little weird but I think they were just kind of unfriendly b/c I wasn't a member. Other than that I am strictly online..

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  • 3144 days ago

    Lincoln Fitness trainer
    Should we start a group and we can meet either weekly or monthly or whatever and exchange stories, food and questions??.

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  • 3141 days ago

    I would love to swap stories, food etc! So count me in! I am a CPA, so within a few days I will be chained to my desk for four months - but please keep me in the loop for any get togethers!.

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  • 3134 days ago

    Sounds great CJ! I will try to get something together, I have my weight in at the clinic tomorrow and I will see if I can post/host something there. If not we can always meet somewhere else. I would love to get a nice size group together, the more support the better.

    I think it will be a nice help for all!!.

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  • 3133 days ago

    I could do a once a month meetup on the weekend. I think that would be really fun! Maybe we could meet at a coffee shop in the AV area?.

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  • 3127 days ago

    I would be interested as well. Although it sounds as though many of us do not use the clinic. I agree with Mellawachcould we meet at a coffee shop instead?.

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  • 3120 days ago

    Another frozen Minnesota Medifaster here! So excited to see so many "neighbors". I have only been doing the on-line, but would love to stay in touch with others for support..

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  • 3113 days ago

    Tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 30th, is my clinic appointment. Normally I'm a Wednesday afternoon person, but the holiday has put me a little off schedule. With all the Christmas goodies, I'll be happy if I just maintained my weight..

    I'm up for a Medifast get-together in the Apple Valley area..

    There's a Caribou Coffee at Cedar Ave. & 146th St., right behind the Applebee's..

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  • 3104 days ago

    I live about a mile from that coffee shop, so I'm definitely in! I have a fairly flexible schedule, and I LOVE the food swap idea. So since my schedule is flexible, I'll defer to everyone else's..


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  • 3103 days ago

    AWESOME!! I cannot wait to meet everyone!! We should start and do like a once a month maybe on a Saturday afternoon 1is? We can try for the 2ns Saturday of every month?? So our first one can be January 8th at 1pm at the Apple Valley Caribou, by BWW's and Apple Bees. We can all bring stories, expierences and maybe if we want to we can bring food we dont like or would like to trade?? Let me know your ideas.

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