Anyone Gluten Free and over 40?

  • 3019 days ago

    bklynallergymom Level 3
    My body has completely changed HELP! My metabolism has slowed to nearly a snails pace and my weight shifted from my butt to my belly. I am on a restricted gluten-free allergen free diet and don't eat eggs, wheat, soy, cow dairy, walnuts or mustard and eat almost all organic veggies and meats. (confession: I love wine!)

    Join me?

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  • 3016 days ago

    I am! Do you restrict the prior mentioned items due to allergy? Because if not, upping your protein & fat within limits may ultimately help decrease calorie intake because you remain satisfied longer.

    I have to say, I have finally come to terms with the effect that alcohol has on weight, after plateau-ing for a while. You can do all the right things but those couple glasses of wine (nightly or sl.less often- 2 glasses 5/wk = almost a half a pound) really do make a difference. They may be only 150 calories or so, but alcohol affects fat metabolism.

    Stinks, but true.

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  • 3014 days ago

    I'm only 19, but I'm gluten and dairy free. Does that count?

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  • 2993 days ago

    I am 35 and just 5 months ago found out I have celiac. Very hard but so great in all the same breath. I feel so much better. Although I have to say I thought the weight would come off a whole lot easier! I am struggling big time!! I am totally with you. I eat NO gluten/wheat, very limited dairy and no soy. My goals are to eat as organic and completely unprocessed as possible for myself and my family. My husband and 2 kids are very supportive :) I would love to recieve and give support to someone that knows exactly where I am at with all these food restrictions.

    I am in if you will have me!

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  • 2983 days ago

    You might like this site called health-bent. She uses paleo recipes so most of them are no gluten and no dairy, and the ones that have dairy usually have easy substitutions. They taste REALLY good, too. She even has a cook book out that doesn't use almond flour just in case you have someone with nut allergies. I started using her recipes, and it makes missing all those comfort foods a lot easier. And they are healthier versions of those same foods.

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  • 2973 days ago

    Thank you Southernbelle2011 for the website recommendation...really love it!!

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  • 2973 days ago

    Also check out Food Renegade. They have some great stuff too!!!!

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  • 2853 days ago

    I would miss eggs more than I miss gluten. I was diagnosed with Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance about three years ago, and have just turned 50. I have a very high-pressure job with lots of stress, and tend to eat (rather than drink) to alleviate it. Usually I can manage my weight at the upper end of my range, but this last year has me well out of that zone.

    As TuDisQuoi says, if you restrict your intake too much (protein, good fats, quantity), you can have an even tougher time losing weight. Are you doing any activities? Regular exercise? Aside from activities and exercise, how much time do you spend sitting versus moving?

    One advantage to being older is that you are usually familiar with your own buttons and how to push them--what motivates you and what sabotages you?

    Do you have a nutritionist or clued-in doctor? My own doctor cautioned me to set realistic goals, weight wise, as it's a whole different game as you enter the menopause realm. What worked in the past (to reduce weight) may not work as well, and that, yes, your metabolism changes and slows. She mentioned that daily exercise (30 to 60 minutes five or six days a week) is more effective than doing longer sessions fewer days per week, so I'm trying that out.

    Do you think that the features of this site/app will help you? Would having other people doing similar challenges motivate you/pressure you into meeting goals?

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