Are diets harmful?

  • 3355 days ago

    Aikawa Level 4
    Just read this article in PsychologyToday:

    Anyone think that diets are harmful?

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  • 3346 days ago

    Hi Aiwaka, first time I've ventured into this section of the site :)

    In my opinion, most "diets" are harmful because they are often difficult to stick to, do not include your favourite foods and they are rarely ongoing. The healthiest way to eat whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or maintain your weight - is to have a balanced diet rich in nutrients, minerals and correct proportions of healthy fats, lean proteins and non-processed carbohydrates - and not to rule out your favourite treats!

    Moderation is key, fad diets do not usually provide enough goodies for your body - and people tend to go back to their bad eating habits after the dieting period is through.

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  • 3338 days ago

    too much of anything is bad for you just as much as not having any is bad for you as well....but in saying this, everybody is different so depending on the lifestyle you have or want would depend on how you look after your body.....but keep in mind as I have just learnt today you can increase the number of fat cells you have but you can not decrease can only make them shrink in size

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  • 3324 days ago

    I want to share some articles i've made about some kinds of diet, but they're in my mother language.

    i think diet can be harmful if we choose a wrong diet which nutrition is imbalance and isn't suitable to our body condition.

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  • 3323 days ago

    I think diets can be harmful in one way as they don't teach you how to eat properly. When you finish the diet you revert to your old habits and the weight goes on again. This results in yo-yo dieting which is definitely harmful.

    Now, instead of dieting I am 'eating healthy'. Nothing is off limits. I'm just eating smaller portions and if I try and ask myself if I really want something 'bold' before I eat it.

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