Doing Medifast While Pregnant?

  • 3193 days ago

    Christopher Level 1
    I know this is going to be an unpopular question because it's NOT recommended that you do the Medifast program while pregnant. However -.

    If you are starting from a high weight and want to continue the momentum (i.e. - not go back to your old way of eating) how can you incorporate the program into pregnancy?.

    I should say I never feel like I'm starving or deprived and usually keep my calories on the higher end of the spectrum - probably around 900 day..

    4/2, maybe? more fats? I don't want to go back to eating three big meals a day when it's not good for me or a baby..


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  • 3189 days ago

    Hello there.... this may be helpful to you.

    It was a question posed to nutrition support similar to yours along with their response.


    Honestly, I would take your question and copy/paste it to Nutrition Support and see what they would recommend. Pregnancy is such a vital time and miracle for both you and your baby, that I would not want to take any chances. On 99% of the responses I read from Nutrition Support, it's always the same.. pretty much get off of Medifast until afterwards and speak with your OB/GYN about an appropriate plan..

    I did a search and here are the main responses for "Pregnancy".

    Hope these help you.

    Pregnancy Threads.

    Good luck to you!.

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  • 3180 days ago

    Sorry that I'm not going to give you any type of answer that you want, but use of the Medifast products or ANY of their programs during pregnancy is NOT RECOMMENDED..

    When I became pregnant I was told by Nutrition Support that I could not even do Transition. Not even for a week. You ABSOLUTELY should not be restricting your calories in any way when you have a little one inside you..

    Use the principles you've learned to eat healthy, yes. Use the Medifast Products while pregnant? No..

    Here are some responses I found from Nutrition Support when I did a forum search just now, I hope you find them helpful and informative:.

    "It is recommended that you discuss your eating plan with your OB/GYN. When you think you are pregnant and/or have a positive pregnancy test, you should stop the Medifast program. You can begin your healthy eating plan designed by your OB/GYN at that time, there is no need to reintroduce foods (grains, fruit and dairy) in slowly. I hope you find this information helpful. Please let me know if I can be of further support. Have a great day!".

    And another one:.

    "Thanks for your post. My name is Meridith, a Registered Dietitian for Nutrition Support. If you believe you are pregnant we recommend going off plan until you confirm if you are or are not pregnant..

    The Medifast plan is contraindicated for pregnant women..

    As you mentioned, you do need additional calories during pregnancy, so it is not a good time for weight loss..

    Have a lovely day,.

    Meridith, RD, LDN".

    And lastly:.

    "Thanks for your post. My name is Meridith, a Registered Dietitian for Nutrition Support..

    You are correct-it is not appropriate to take the Medifast meals while pregnant..


    Until that time.

    , there is no contradication to using the products. As soon as you confirm your pregnancy just go off Plan..

    Have a lovely day and good luck!.

    Meridith, RD, LDN".

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  • 3171 days ago

    You should be discussing this issue with your physician. He/she knows your health and issues better than anyone. He should also be able to put you on a sensible diet that will be healthy for both you and the baby..

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  • 3166 days ago

    You may consider asking your OB about doing a (non-MF) diabetic diet? It will help keep your carbs in control w/o the.


    Of going into ketosis while prego..

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  • 3164 days ago

    So, just to be clear, you shouldn't even eat say a bar as a snack in addition to the other foods you will consume during pregnancy? Is the food dangerous to a fetus or something? Just seems strange to me, with all the nutritional value in it..

    One thing I would love to see is a support group for those who find themselves pregnant and have to go completely off medifast, but are afraid of going too far away from healthy eating because they are pregnant. As a way to stay close to the community, while eating a NOT medifast way, but also to provide encouragement, etc..

    For me, I am doing this primarily because I want to get to a healthy weight and then conceive. However, though we are careful, others have told me that medifast seems to result in "oops we're pregnant" results often..

    Personally, if I found out that I was pregnant right now I would be overwhelmed and a bit terrified. Of course, I would want to do what is best for a little person growing inside of me, and I would follow as healthy of an eating plan for appropriate weight gain, etc. but just suddenly being DONE? Scary..

    Just a thought, since it can and DOES seem to happen to women before goal weight, intended or not. Because, though I would want to do the right thing by immediately eating all the good, healthy stuff that I should when pregant, I fear that doing a complete 180 while simultaneously losing this support system could result in a nosedive into a pint of Ben & Jerry's, which is NOT the goal.

    Sort of a ramble, but it is something I've thought about a lot..

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  • 3164 days ago

    I'm curious as to why it's not recommended to consume any Medifast products while pregnant. I get that you're not supposed to restrict calories, but if you just like the taste of the foods why not incorporate it? If it were me, I'd rather have a Medifast meal if I'm craving something sweet instead of going for the real thing and triggering a binge or something, which I can't imagine would be good if you're pregnant either?.

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  • 3161 days ago

    This may help to answer a little of that question.....

    From Nutrition Support.

    Reference, question and answer.

    Pregnant - are Medifast meals a healthy snack option.

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  • 3101 days ago

    I can think of a couple of reasons: 1. Medifast products are made of soy, and soy is a phytoestrogen, meaning it acts like estrogen in your body. I would not want to have a bunch of extra estrogen in my body when I'm pregnant. Definitely a question for your OB..

    2. Medifast foods are fortified with the vitamins and minerals we (non-pregnant) dieters need to make this low-calorie diet healthy. When you're pregnant, your doc prescribes special prenatal vitamins. I would not want the Medifast foods/vitamins interfering with the prenatals..

    I am sure there are other reasons, given that the medical professionals who designed this diet and formulated the foods do NOT recommend it for pregnancy..

    IMHO, this is just a no-brainer. Of COURSE it's important to eat healthy while pregnant, but in my view, that does not include pre-packaged diet foods that are contrindicated for pregnant women..


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