Favorite Supplement?

  • 3477 days ago

    Bookblogger Level 8
    Does anyone have a favorite lifting supplement they take?

    Not a protein, but something for a little more umph in your workouts.

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  • 3416 days ago

    Beefit Fitness trainer
    Caffeine in the form of coffee or tea is a good pre-exercise supplement for a workout. Many studies point this out. You don't need a lot to see the effect but a cup or two just prior to your workout should keep you more focused and give you a bigger pump. Note that many sold supplements already contain caffeine in them for this very purpose.

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  • 3342 days ago

    I've been taking Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc as mineral supplements.

    Magnesium - important in protein synthesis and energy production. if you are eating nuts and legumes, you are probably getting enough magnesium. My diet doesn't include a lot of them.

    Calcium - important in muscular contraction and help with bone density (we are getting tons of structural stress from lifting heavy)

    Zinc - important for muscle growth. if you are eating red meat, you should be getting plenty. I keep my red meat minimal and don't really eat other stuff listed in the link below.


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  • 3305 days ago

    Yes, caffeine, My opinion is that there are two PROVEN supplements not including caffeine. Protein and creatine. Be very cautious when spending money for others. I lift at home therefore I am able to eat and drink while I am lifting! Caffeine, Carbs and Protein.

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  • 2898 days ago

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