First Person Shooter

  • 3285 days ago

    Hello, Gamers Group!
    Been a while since there was any posting so I thought I'd wander in. XD

    What's you favourite FPS? Or do you not play any?
    I don't play many but the few I do I get ridiculously into, though once upon a time I didn't see the point of FPSs.

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  • 3281 days ago

    I like MW3 and Blackops 2 is cool too! (i know mainstream==) but i think it's a good way to kill time when i'm feeling hungry (: but blackops 2 is so messed up i wish they would fix the lag and spawns and stuff ): hbu?

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  • 3278 days ago

    Black Ops 2 but right now I'm playing a lot of Assassin's Creed 3 so not getting in a lot of the FPS's.

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