Having sleepness nights during Medifast?

  • 3193 days ago

    Dane Level 1
    Did you ever have one of those nights where you couldn't go to sleep because you were too excited to weigh in the next morning?!.

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  • 3187 days ago

    Yes!!! All the time.

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  • 3183 days ago

    Haha! That is great! I am excited for my official weigh in on Wednesday.


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  • 3177 days ago

    This is when we need the Medifast "Like" button!.

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  • 3169 days ago

    Yup! It's a great reason for insomnia..

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  • 3160 days ago

    All that excitement and I didn't lose an ounce..

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  • 3160 days ago

    Don't worry, you are probably down in inches - I sometimes wake up at 4 a.m on Sundays as that is my weigh in day. Usually get to sleep OK, just need to get out of bed super early to check the scale!.

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  • 3151 days ago

    I bet you did....lose.


    Problem is the scale measures.


    , most of which is in a constant state of flux, up and down, based on a million different things..

    I have this theory that if we could do a precise body-fat measurement every day...the hard kind where they dunk you in water and all that...we would find that even during extended stalls we are losing fat each and every day..

    Soldier on, MF'ers!!!.

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  • 3150 days ago

    Ha ha I always had the problem where I wanted to go to bed really early so the next morning would come faster..

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  • 3101 days ago

    Yes, last night. This morning was my first official weigh-in, and I could hardly wait. Glad to see I'm not alone!.

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