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  • 3356 days ago

    Stayfitmom Level 2
    Hello everyone my name is Elisha and I am new to yoga as well as to Slimkicker. I am trying to get into yoga to better myself all around, but I just don't know where to start, I am truly open to any positive suggestions, I have done some yoga dvd's so I am not a complete beginner :-)

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  • 3354 days ago

    fitbodyfitmind Fitness trainer
    hello elisha :) what body part specifically do you want to work the most? keep in mind there are different types of Yoga- for weight loss, for body toning, and for abs, back, hips, etc. I recommend you try Daily Yoga (it's an app you can download to your phone/tablet), they include all of the mentioned, you just choose which sessions to download :)

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